Wednesday February 10th 2016

Theatre Reviews

“The Shape of Things”

Recommended *** The newest production brought to the stage by the Eclectic Full Contact Theatre (I will make an effort to explain this, as best I can) is a difficult one to [Read More]

“R + J : Martha’s Vineyard” review by Lawrence Riordan

Instinctually, I am a purist when it comes to Shakespeare, but if something truly innovative can be done that brings out new aspects of the play, then I say full speed ahead. [Read More]

“American Buffalo”

This is a hard review to write. Not because of the production, or in fact, anything to do with the sterling performances now on stage at Angel Island a/k/a Mary-Arrchie [Read More]

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Restaurant Reviews

A Bit of Ireland in Libertyville- and much more!

Highly Recommended ***** For many years I resided down in the Gold Coast area of Chicago. At the corner, less than a block from my condo was Timothy O’Tooles, an Irish pub that I stopped by from time to time. Moving to the burbs, every so often I thought about the zesty [Read More]


“Judy & Liza- Once in a Lifetime”

Highly Recommended ***** I just found a new spot in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. It is called the Uptown Underground, a quaint retro cabaret where you might feel that once you have gone down the cascading staircase, you have not only reached the lower level of this building, but may have [Read More]

“Baritones Unbound”

When one sees “Hershey Felder Presents” on the marquee (or on a poster) of a theater, one expects the highest of quality on the stage of that theater. Once again, with his newest entry into the season of Felder at The Royal George Theatre in Chicago “Baritones Unbound”, [Read More]

“Fool Me Twice, Deja Vu”

If you have a rough day, and you need a diversion- one that will make you forget all the “crap” that life deals out, there is nothing better for what ails you than Second City. This is the place for comedy and has been for over 50 years! What started out as a great training [Read More]


Attention Singers!

I know that there are many adults who enjoy singing. Many of these are not ones to act and dance, but love the act of bringing music to the audience. Many communities in the Chicago area have ensembles and choruses that are designed to give those singers the opportunity to [Read More]


The Senior Radio players, bring back LIVE Radio”

Radio! Oh, the days when radio was not just music and talk, but in fact, real shows- what television calls variety shows or sit-coms and there were even talent shows called amateur hours where young talent competed for prizes ( nothing like what we have today, of course). Old-time radio shows are [Read More]

Ridesharing- are you insured when you are the driver? or Passenger?

Over the last few years, “Ridesharing” has become a word that people are familiar with. During the tough economic times of the last years, many people who own cars and are in need of additional income, have turned to the UBER and LYFT systems of “Ridesharing” to earn money [Read More]

“Circus Extreme” 2015 edition of Ringling Bros./Barnum & Bailey

Every year, Chicago area families know that” The Greatest Show on Earth ” will return. Yes, just like we know every spring our two baseball teams will be back for more thrills and chills, and every fall, football comes back to Soldier Field andĀ basketball and hockey return to the [Read More]