Saturday April 25th 2015

Theatre Reviews

“Between You Me and the Lampshade” review by Lawrence Riordan

I thought that she not only that she executed the part with perfect verisimilitude, but also find it very believable that an illegal teenage immigrant, who speaks no English, [Read More]


This production cannot work unless the cast is into it, and it was very evident that this fairly young cast understood the story and the music. That makes the show a much [Read More]

“The Grown-Up” review by Carol Moore

Several boxy stools, strangely reminiscent of orange-crates, in the same neon colors used in the abstract, were arranged on either side of the platform. The cast of six, [Read More]

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Restaurant Reviews

El Tapeo- Tapas comes to Oakbrook

We asked Krystal, who knew our likes and dislikes (although we had none of those) to select two deserts for us to share- she selected Crema Catalan, a creme brulee custard that was perfect and the other the Pastel de Chocolate, warm dark chocolate cake, pistachio ice cream, nutella [Read More]


“Soul Brother, Where Art Thou ?”

the six talented performers to alter the script based on their audience and the response (or lack of) on the fly. Often, when they go off the script, we get to truly see the talents of the performers. Directed by Anthony LeBlanc with music by Alex Kilmer and video design by Greg Mulvey, "Soul [Read More]

“Louis & Keely ‘Live at the Sahara'”

"I Can't Believe Your In Love With Me", "Hey Boy, Hey Girl", "Night Train", "Ai,Ai,Ai" and of course their most famous "That Ol' Black Magic". There is also a special rendition of "The Autumn Leaves" which has a lot to do with the story. Her first solo, "I Wish You Love" will cause goose bumps on [Read More]

“Low Down Dirty Blues”

Milwaukee's The Rep Theater, is where it takes place, and it is their tradition to showcase actor/musicians/vocalists, doing "their thing". The current production, "Low Down Dirty Blues" tells us about a group of musicians, gathering in their club, after hours, to swap stories and share their love [Read More]


The Heartland Spa in its new home

The suites are exquisite, the grounds are beautiful and the area is one that you will enjoy strolling about. Just steps from the resort, on the walking path, you will be viewing the estates and mansions of some of the areas wealthiest residents. At Heartland Spa, you can [Read More]


Joseph Jefferson Award “Nominees” Non-Equity

Watching the local actors, directors, tech people wait to see if they will win the coveted award and hearing the excitement for those who do is as good as it gets. And as an aside, the NON-Equity show is often better than the Equity. The difference between the two is of course the Equity contract [Read More]

“The Cat In The Hat” appears this week-end

at select Chicago Public Libraries on Saturday, February 28th. Guests can meet the Cat in the Hat, enjoy story readings, and play games at the following [Read More]

“Red Kite, Blue Sky”

Tickets to CCT's Chicago Park District tour of Red Kite, Blue Sky are free, but registration is required due to limited capacity. To register, visit, email or call (773) 227-0180 x 15. [Read More]