Tuesday June 30th 2015

Theatre Reviews

“Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike”

Recommended *** They say that “laughter is good for what ails you”, and I for one believe this to be the case. Which makes a great case for the current [Read More]

“The Who and the What” reviewed by Carole Moore

Zarina had been in love with an Irish guy she met in grad school, but Afzal made her break up with him, so playing the “dutiful daughter” card backfires on him. Zarina [Read More]

“Bad Jews”

The title sort of misrepresents itself as it is not about Jews being bad, but rather about Jews who interpret Jewish law in a bad way. For example, eating a cupcake during [Read More]

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Restaurant Reviews

“Flavors to Savor”

Once again, he came through bringing us only three (which was more than enough) for the four of us: flourless chocolate cake, Dulce de Leche crepes and the most divine bread pudding I have ever tasted. In fact, the bread pudding caught all of us by surprise. Jane, Vicki and Alan all [Read More]


“Ithamar Has Nothing To Say” review by Rose Hunt

Ithamar Enriquez has the ability to not only make you laugh, but to make you forget about your troubles while you’re in his world. And that is the true mark of comedy. It’s something that is worth every glorious minute. [Read More]

Artists Lounge “LIVE”

Tonight, we were witness to her, Heidi Kettenring, as the girl and the woman she has become. As the daughter, the sister and the wife! This was Heidi doing Heidi! Yes, she sang songs that Sinatra brought us, Bette Middler, Streisand (of course) and countless others, but always as Heidi Kettenring [Read More]

” A Marvin Hamlisch Songbook”

The three ladies are amazing in all of the numbers they do, but the extraordinary presentation of "At The Ballet" is worth the price of admission alone- the one word that describes this number is "AWESOME"! A True Showstopper! [Read More]


“The World of Pets”

Scott and his staff understand what it is their clients are seeking and ensure that every detail is taken care of. They also are there to answer calls and questions during working hours. In fact, even on holidays, when the shop is closed, they do have some hours where they [Read More]


“Chi-Raq” begins to shoot in the city

I am pleading to bring the case of Spike Lee and his movie to our readers. I want to tell his story! I am pleading to tell his story! Only he can relay what it is he wants to say. Meanwhile, there are all types of illustrations with "Chiraq" and "Chi-Raq" artwork. They have even redesigned the Cubs [Read More]

42nd Annual Non-Equity Jeff Awards

For the second consecutive year, the annual awards gala sold out with 650+ guests, which featured musical production numbers from the season’s nominated musicals and revues, as well as excerpts from the season’s nominated plays. [Read More]

“Chiraq”- film to be made in Chi-town!

It is very possible that Lee is not doing his thing to convince us to get our heads out of the sand and wake up and smell the coffee. There is a war out there. Since it doesn't seem to be ending, perhaps the satire of this story telling will wake up the people of the areas that are living with [Read More]