Friday August 1st 2014

Theatre Reviews

“The Importance of Being Earnest”

What we witness during these two acts (roughly 2 hours and 15 minutes with a 15 minute intermission), is the truth about each of the men, the women that they love and as in [Read More]


At the very start, we meet a young man, jack (a marvelous performance by Aaron Kirby,who is making his mark in our theater community) who has been hired to observe the [Read More]

“Men Should Weep”

There are many set-backs and over the two plus hours of story-telling we know that these are strong people who despite the problems, for the most part will keep their family [Read More]

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Restaurant Reviews

“Tavern on 60″, a new and delightful spot

We also had to try another very special item on their sandwich menu, Lobster Grilled Cheese, a 4oz Lobster tail tossed with Panko breadcrumbs, pan sautéed, nestled between grilled Texas toast with a special remoulade sauce- this was the last item that we partook in and was the [Read More]


“Funny Old Broads” reviewed by Jane Bresloff

The songs ( many are paraphrased words to familiar melodies) as sung by Jan Slavin and Pam Peterson hit all the topics that a "baby Boomer" deals with- memory loss, shrinking size,arthritis, memory loss( did I say that already?), menopause and all the parts of aging that are experienced. The comic [Read More]

Earth,Wind & Fire at Ravinia

These men brought us back to the glory days of their blend of "rock N' Roll, mixed with jazz and young and old audience members has a night to remember. The stage was filled with musicians and with the electronics and great lighting effects, most of the audience was on its feet for close to 100 [Read More]

“Funny Old Broads” RETURNS

“Old Jews Telling Jokes” may have left Chicago, but we still have the “Funny Old Broads”- four very funny comics that will delight your funny bone with their antics and jokes as well as a few songs. For the Summer  (can you believe it is Summer already?), they will make [Read More]


Is Barter the NEW way to do business?

bar·ter ˈbärtər/ verb verb: barter; 3rd person present: barters; past tense: bartered; past participle: bartered; gerund or present participle: bartering 1. exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money. “he often bartered a meal for [Read More]


Congrats to Jessie Mueller

From all  of us here at “” and the thousands of Chicago area theater patrons who have watched the Mueller family on our stages, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Jessie for her Tony Award as Best Actress in a musical !Now, all we can hope is that when they take the [Read More]

“Frozen” comes to Chicago/Rosemont

The story will be the same, the music as well, but we will now witness these sisters, Anna and Elsa, "LIVE" as they bring the story to the ice aarena. The Feld Company, who has been bringing these Disney on Ice shows to Chicago for for over 30 years is proud to have the first crack at bringing this [Read More]

Bernadette Peters- “Valentine’s Day in Concert”

what a special night for this concert to take place- Valentine's day. A day associated with love, so be prepared for some marvelous love songs, in sme cases, as you have never heard them sung before. So, pick up your phone and call 847-263-6300 to purchase your tickets before they are sold out. [Read More]