Friday October 31st 2014

Theatre Reviews

“The King and I”

As the strong-willed Governess/teacher, Anna, Marriott has cast the perfect actress, Heidi Kettenring, whose acting ability and vocal range bring more strength to the roles, [Read More]

“Welcome to America” review by Lawrence Riordan

t’s a great and realistic performance, so much so that I regretted it was only 50 minutes, but it’s heavy stuff and the time goes slowly (in a good way). The script [Read More]


But it is the entire cast of women who truly bring these words to us in a way that allows us to hear clearly (despite the brogues) what it is that Spallen is telling us. The [Read More]

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Restaurant Reviews

“Tavern on 60″, a new and delightful spot

We also had to try another very special item on their sandwich menu, Lobster Grilled Cheese, a 4oz Lobster tail tossed with Panko breadcrumbs, pan sautéed, nestled between grilled Texas toast with a special remoulade sauce- this was the last item that we partook in and was the [Read More]


“The Mighty Ted” by Lawrence Riordan

Waltmire clearly understands the musical genre, and is an excellent satirist. He mocks its absurdity which, unlike the indifference shown by the disability office is harmless, while still celebrating its appeal, and in collaboration with Stephanie McCollough Vleck, has penned some hilarious and [Read More]

“A Kurt Weill Cabaret”

This is a slick production with five extraordinary voices under the direction of Anzevino and Ramey with solid choreography by Christie Kerr. The No Exit Cafe (the actual name of this adorable store-front) is a small space with the performers very close to the audience and the movement is somewhat [Read More]

“Funny Old Broads” reviewed by Jane Bresloff

The songs ( many are paraphrased words to familiar melodies) as sung by Jan Slavin and Pam Peterson hit all the topics that a "baby Boomer" deals with- memory loss, shrinking size,arthritis, memory loss( did I say that already?), menopause and all the parts of aging that are experienced. The comic [Read More]


“The Art Of Falling”

In several scenes, the dancers are projected on a large screen so that they appear to be floating in air, although those who can see the stage can see the dancers are on the floor. This is the magic of the electronic world, but even mor exciting is the ability of these [Read More]


Here it comes- “The Greatest Show On Earth”

The annual visit from the circus is coming soon. Get your family ready! It gets bigger and better every year! [Read More]

46th Annual Jeff Awards-Equity

In a year of enormous loss to the theatre community, the ceremony featured a moving photographic memorial that honored 24 theatre professionals and was underscored by the cast of “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” from Theatre at the Center. They were strong in having lost one of their [Read More]

2014 Jeff Nominations

They are in ! The nominations for the Equity theaters of the Greater Chicago Area.There are 179 nominations in 35 categories for Chicago Equity theatrical productions that opened between August 1, 2013 and July 31, 2014. In the Large Theatre category, Goodman Theatre’s “Brigadoon” and Drury [Read More]