Monday March 30th 2015

Theatre Reviews

“Title and Deed”

with just one actor, but when one says Michael Patrick Thornton is the actor, we all know that there is no need for another. he is a fine story teller and during this 70 or [Read More]

“Our Bad Magnet”

The story is crisp and told with a special flavor that makes you want to know more. Two acts, 7 scenes and less than two hours of sheer mystery and enchantment with these [Read More]

“The Walk Across America for Mother Earth” review by Lawrence Riordan

By the end, the whole thing looked a gruesome satire and unfair attack on the left’s motives for champion of the causes of American Indians which played on bigotry and [Read More]

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Restaurant Reviews

Eastern Europe in Northbrook

They may be the North Shore's version of "Russian Tea Room", but how many of you are aware that you can enjoy a similar experience in Northbrook, without all the fuss of driving downtown and parking in a garage. Try it- you will love the experience. [Read More]


“Low Down Dirty Blues”

Milwaukee's The Rep Theater, is where it takes place, and it is their tradition to showcase actor/musicians/vocalists, doing "their thing". The current production, "Low Down Dirty Blues" tells us about a group of musicians, gathering in their club, after hours, to swap stories and share their love [Read More]

“Dear John Hughes”

Great songs and solid talent- should have been at least ***, maybe even ****. All they needed was a better way of presenting it. You be the judge. I would love to hear from you on this one. [Read More]

“The Book of Merman”

This show may not be for everyone, but I will say that the crowd at The Apollo tonight (many of whom saw the show at Mary's) were having a ball. The dazzling parody music and the talent of the three performers make this show work, exceeding my expectations. This is not a show you go to for a story [Read More]


The Underground- Chicago’s hidden treasure.

The lower portion of the city has been in place for many years and while many residents and visitors are not aware of this treasure, there are many locals who use it to get places faster, safer and dryer or cooler (depending on the time of year). [Read More]


“The Cat In The Hat” appears this week-end

at select Chicago Public Libraries on Saturday, February 28th. Guests can meet the Cat in the Hat, enjoy story readings, and play games at the following [Read More]

“Red Kite, Blue Sky”

Tickets to CCT's Chicago Park District tour of Red Kite, Blue Sky are free, but registration is required due to limited capacity. To register, visit, email or call (773) 227-0180 x 15. [Read More]

Theatre Week in Chicago

When it comes to live theater, Broadway may have more neon and glitter, but it is Chicago that has the talent and love to give back to the best audiences the world has ever seen. [Read More]