Monday April 24th 2017

Theatre Reviews

“Shakespeare in Love”

Highly Recommended ***** I am often asked by my readers (both of this site and the ethnic newspapers that translate and publish my reviews), “How difficult is it to write [Read More]

“Jesus Christ Superstar”

Highly Recommended ***** In the 1970’s,Andrew Lloyd Webber (Music) and Tim Rice (Lyrics) penned a “rock Opera concept” that was called “Jesus Christ [Read More]


Recommended *** If you have had the opportunity to earn your Doctorate, or have watched a relative or friend do so, you know the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the god, [Read More]

Day by Day

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Restaurant Reviews

Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille- Oak Brook

When we check out a dining spot, our normal system is to have four people, allowing us to order several differnet appetizers, entrees and sides (as well as desserts). That has been our modus operandi for years. Tonight, we were asked to come to Oakbrook Center to a Texas restaurant [Read More]


“Marry me a Little”

Highly Recommended ***** I must preface this review by stating the fact- I love the works of Stephen Sondheim! No matter what he puts his hand to, I am in heaven listening to the words that this creative mind sets to music. The Chicago theater community, or so it seems, is also in love with [Read More]

” Best of Bri-Ko” reviewed by Carol Moore

Recommended ***  What can I say about “Bri-Ko”?  “Bri-Ko is hard to describe.  It’s kind of like Blue Man Group meets the Three Stooges with Marcel Marceau and the Marx Brothers dropping in to help out.  The antics of Brian Posen, Tim Soszko, and Brian Peterlin, had me laughing within [Read More]

“Revolution” a fund raiser for Route 66 Theatre Company

Highly Recommended ***** When people ask me to compare the New York Theater “scene” with our Chicago “scene”, they have no choice but to listen to the pride in my voice. I am very happy to call myself, as a member of the press, also a member of our Chicago Theatre Community. [Read More]


Are you listening? Can you hear?

I have a hearing problem! There, I admitted it! Perhaps it is age, or perhaps I have more than a hearing problem, but like many Americans, I am afraid, or have been to find out, or even admit to the problem until now! I have been in sales for many years (by day) and as [Read More]


My Special Day

Winning the World Series was an exciting event for Cubs fans. In fact, it was a major event.Yesterday, we were able to visit and have a photo- op with the actual trophy. They set up the glass enclosed miracle of Clark and Addison down the construction crazed street from Wrigley Field, where we  [Read More]

Chicago area students get to bear witness to THE play that everyone wants to see “Hamilton”

HAMILTON’s celebrated Education Program debuts February 22 in Chicago when 1,900 students and teachers attend performance at The PrivateBank Theatre   CHICAGO (Feb. 20, 2017) — The innovative educational program that launched last year at HAMILTON on Broadway, in partnership with The [Read More]

“Angels On Your Pillow” REVIEW

About a month ago (late last year) I learned that an associate of mine, Karen Lee Kelly, had written a children’s book. As my readers know, being a proud grandparent and wanting the kids to be into everything, I have reviewed some children’s books in the past, so I asked Karen if this [Read More]