Friday February 27th 2015

Theatre Reviews

“The Royale” review by Lawrence Riordan

Jerod Haynes is personable, intelligent, and ambitious (a trinity hard to pull off, even in real life) as Jay; Edwin Lee Gibson; wise, worn, and melancholic as his coach; [Read More]

“Yankee Tavern”

the juke box in the tavern, stopped playing in the middle of "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie" just as the first plane crashed into the North tower of the World Trade Center. [Read More]

“The Sweeter Option”

This is a show filled with 1970's stuff and she has assembled some great "stuff". I only wish that the show were as solid as the assembled props and furniture. The car that [Read More]

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Restaurant Reviews

“They Love what they do..and it shows!”

I found the gluten-free to be as crispy and delightful as the old established Father & Son from my youth (when we ate gluten). Be assured, if you are on a gluten-free diet, Marcello's will satisfy your hunger. [Read More]


“Sondheim on Sondheim”

but all sharing a love of the man who they share the stage with, Stephen Sondheim. This is his legacy and he is there in spirit through the videos that are projected between the songs that are performed during this telling of his life story. This piece could be called the complete catalog of [Read More]

” Annaleigh Ashford- Lost in The Stars”

this Tony Award nominee is heading to Chicago's Broadway Playhouse, located at 175 E. Chestnut (Water Tower Place) for a one night only concert, "Lost in The Stars". The concert date is Saturday, March 21st at 8 p.m.. If you have been in this intimate space, it is sheer perfection for a Cabaret [Read More]

Tween heaven for my grandkids

The performers were delightful, posing with the kids in special ways and making them feel that they were just as important as those who were TV stars on Disney and Nickelodeon. I must say that I was quite impressed with these young talented kids, who I am sure will go on to other projects when they [Read More]


“Fear No Mirror”

Just think, you can leave work for a lunch break and return an hour later slimmer and on your way to reaching the goal you have set- getting into those tight jeans or that bikini that you wore years ago! [Read More]


“The Cat In The Hat” appears this week-end

at select Chicago Public Libraries on Saturday, February 28th. Guests can meet the Cat in the Hat, enjoy story readings, and play games at the following [Read More]

“Red Kite, Blue Sky”

Tickets to CCT's Chicago Park District tour of Red Kite, Blue Sky are free, but registration is required due to limited capacity. To register, visit, email or call (773) 227-0180 x 15. [Read More]

Theatre Week in Chicago

When it comes to live theater, Broadway may have more neon and glitter, but it is Chicago that has the talent and love to give back to the best audiences the world has ever seen. [Read More]