Saturday November 18th 2017

“Angels On Your Pillow” a new book for the family

angels-cover“Could a feather sticking out of a pillow be from an angel’s wing?”

Maybe the entire pillow is filled with angels? Angels on Your Pillow is a picture book for all ages about an inquisitive child with unanswered questions about angels. I am awaiting a copy of this new book written by Karen Kelly. These are some of her promo notes and actual feelings as to the book and her future with the ideas that stem from the original one. In her notes, she says that her mother used to say this before beddie-bye time, but does anyone truly  know the origin of this saying- “Angels On Your Pillow”?

I would be interested in hearing back from you readers as to what you know of the quote and where it may have come from. When we “Google” it, many different answers come up, so let’s see just how many there are to “blow Karen’s mind” ( for future books)

…While the family sleeps our young adventurer awakens and partakes in a moonlit search looking for her angels. The child mistakes a feather from her pillow for an angel and suddenly there are feathers everywhere even in the goldfish bowl with her fish Bubbles and Sushi. Guardian angels are all around her but cannot be seen! They blow whistles and wave flags and flashlights to no avail. In the end, the angels find a way to make sense of it all by leaving an acronym for the word ANGEL on the child’s chalkboard.

Notes from the author:

Angels are the bridge that connect human beings to pure and unconditional love. Much like the child’s inability to see angels surrounding her, we go through life without recognizing the importance and power that pure love has above everything else. Some of us fill the void with materialistic and indulgent behaviors. Others may feel unworthy and go through life punishing themselves. The truth is that each and everyone of us is loved more than we will ever know. When we allow ourselves to accept and welcome that reality, we achieve inner peace and become messengers of love ourselves. I encourage you to write the word ANGEL and its acronym ALWAYS NEAR GENEROUS EENDLESS LOVE and read it often.

A family tradition:

As a child my sweet, patient and humble mother Rosellen (Geib) Kramer would say, “Good night, sleep tight, angels on your pillow” as she tucked me into bed. Admittedly, as the eldest of four girls, I was less than the perfect child. Yet through all of my trials and tribulations love prevailed. Pure unselfish love has kept me centered and has taught me a deep understanding of what is most important in life. When my daughter Brittany Marie was born, I carried on the tradition saying, “angels on your pillow” as I tucked her in at night. Before I knew it, that little four-word sentiment had manifested itself into a sweet adventure story that came to me in a dream. It is beyond my comprehension why I was called to create a story to bring awareness and appreciation to the amazing power of love but I am glad it happened! I hope you enjoy the story, that you recognize your own angels and that you foster love in its highest power.

These are the words of author Karen Kelly.angelsimages

Stay tuned for more on this exciting project. My Grand daughters are waiting to have the opportunity to read it for themselves. They are “my angels” and I am anxious to discuss the book with them!

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