Saturday May 27th 2017

Attention Singers!

heart-the-arts-logo-web5I know that there are many adults who enjoy singing. Many of these are not ones to act and dance, but love the act of bringing music to the audience. Many communities in the Chicago area have ensembles and choruses that are designed to give those singers the opportunity to be part of a group that brings enjoyment and entertainment to those who attend their concerts and shows, while at the same time, allowing the performer an opportunity to meet new people and express themselves in an art form they truly enjoy.BGS3

One of these organizations is The Buffalo Grove Singers. They have been around for many years and have been featured on television shows as well as in the press. They are known for their wonderful music, but also, they have been very active in philanthropic projects that allow deserving youngsters the opportunity to be a part of the arts. In fact, to honor one of their own, an old friend of mine, Lawrence Berkowitz, they have formed The Lawrence Berkowitz Foundation. I know that in addition to seeking new talent for their chorus, they would love to have donations so that more youngsters can benefit from this organization.

The auditions for the Buffalo Grove Singers will take place on:BGS4

Tuesday, January 19th

Time: 7-9 p.m.

location: Buffalo Grove Community Center   225 McHenry Road, Buffalo Grove

To join the “chorus that cares” and schedule YOUR audition call Lindsay Grandt at 847-850-2132


Good Luck!

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