Sunday November 23rd 2014

Chicago Live! another season

We all listen to the radio as we drive the streets of Chicago, but how many of us have watched a radio show in progress? Rick Kogan of WGN Radio 720 invites you to be a witness to his Chicago Live! show as it is recorded ( live) in the intimated downstairs theater of the Chicago Theatre located at 175 N. State Street on Thursday evenings. Each week during the season ( to see the seasons, visit an assortment of guests are interviewed by Tribune reporters and Rick and between these guests, members of Second City perform their magical moments of comedy. Kogan also does his almanac, picking a particular year and highlighting events that will bring back many memories- at least they have for me!

This weeks show featured the comedy of “Doyle and Debbie”, a country western themed due who will be performing at The Royal George Theatre on Halsted ( I will be reviewing this show next week), Mary Dempsey of the Chicago Public Library, Mason Bates and Anna Clyne, composers in residence with the Chicago Symphony, an informational interview with Bastiaan Bouma, managing director of The Chicago Architecture Foundation and the music of Jon Langford. As you can see, Kogan and his staff pack a lot into one hour. All of this is aired on the following Saturday night at 11 p.m. on WGN Radio 720.

The experience is one that brings you closer to the city and the people who make our city special. All this for a mere $20. After the show, you can meet and mingle with the cast making the experience even more memorable and then on Saturday night, you can tune in and hear your applause and laughter. Next week- Bonnie Koloc, a rare treat to see her live is on the program. To see the line-up for the weeks to come, visit www.chicagolive.comwhere you can buy tickets as well. If you work downtown, make¬†yours a fun Thursday night and avoid rush hour traffic. You’ll probably get home at around the same time and instead of being stressed out, you will have had a relaxing and fun hour plus of entertainment that is educational.


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