Monday November 20th 2017

“Costumes Are Not Just for Halloween”

fantasycostumes_logo_4_characters_300dpi_1423121586__93400Most people only think about costumes as October nears. But, there are other times when a costume can truly make a difference. Mardi Gras ( right about now) is a time when costumes can be fun as parties galore take places. How about that high school re-union. Let’s say your high school days were the 1960’s- you could be a Disco dancer ( “Saturday Night Fever”), or let’s say it was the 1990’s, how about PeeWee Herman. All types of fab costumes are available at the true permanent spot for delight, Fantasy Costumes in Portage Park. This is a huge store (almost a full city block) located at 4065 N. Milwaukee Avenue. A virtual treasure trove of fantasy, just waiting to have your wildest dreams come to life.
What started as a wig store with a small costume rental section back in the 1960’s has become THE place for costumes (online as well) in Chicago. Sure, the “costumes in a box” stores pop-up every fall hoping to grab some of their business, but they have no selection and certainly do not have the knowledgeable staff that George Garcia has built over the years, so why not stay with the leader? The man who lives to make you happy. George and Mary and Kathy and all the rest of the crazies at fantasy are there to make sure you have the best time in whatever you are costuming for.
As a person who does Santa, and has gone through many outfits, beards and wigs, I know that when I am in need of a replacement, all I need to do is call. They have it- in stock! And guess what, if they don’t, they will get it! They are here to please us for Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs (yes, there are theme parties), Quinceaneros, and all other holidays Fantasy even did some great Valentine’s day, “Lovers stuff”. Yes, they also have a great selection of “adult” costumes.fairy
There are many festivals where costumes are fitting. Coming up, Purim, a Jewish Holiday ,where many dress up as Queen Esther, as the story of the times is told. They are even offering a special discount for this holiday- 20% off and one item in the store. Just mention “aroundthetownchicago” or Chicago News”.
Going to a kids play? Princess type? Why not dress up as your favorite princess, or a superhero or a movie hero of your own to truly get into the mood. Life is short- enjoy each day! Live your Fantasy by visiting Fantasy Costumes at 4065 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Call 773-777-0222 or visit

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