Saturday September 23rd 2017

“Exhibitionism-The Rolling Stones” by Carol Moore


 Highly Recommended **** If you’re a fan of the Rolling Stones, you have to see “Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones” while the show is in town.  With over 500 original objects from the Stones’ private collections, this is the definitive exhibition of Stones memorabilia.  Chicago is the third stop for “Exhibitionism” after it premiered in London, followed by a star-studded success in New York.  Next stop on the tour is Sydney, Australia.  I’m a lifelong Stones fan, and I loved this show!  4 BIG Spotlights





I can’t possibly mention everything I saw, so I’ll give you some highlights:

  • Almost the first thing you’ll see is a curving wall of interconnected monitors with TV footage of the Stones throughout the years.
  • A recreation of their first London flat shared by Mick, Keith and Brian, with a kitchen full of dirty dishes and trash (complete to the egg shells on the plates), a bedroom with three unmade beds and clothes scattered everywhere, and a very messy lounge (aka living room) with junk everywhere
  • A Stones recording studio with their original instruments. There’s an interactive board where you can listen to ‘studio insider dish’ about each of the Stones
  • An interactive board where you can mix your own music
  • Original posters, album covers and art work everywhere
  • Cases displaying original reel-to-reel recordings, vinyl records, a cassette player Keith used to sketch out “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, Mick’s handwritten lyric book, the toy drum kit Charlie used in recording “Street Fighting Man” and more
  • A guitar gallery – you’ll see personal guitars owned by Keith, Ronnie & Mick, each with a description of the guitar when it was acquired and when it is played
  • Case after case of costumes (70 original costumes)
  • ‘Lips’ gallery
  • Construction models of different concert stage settings like Bridges to Babylon
  • A glimpse into backstage during a concert – there’s even a makeup table
  • A new film narrated by Martin Scorsese documenting the Stones and a new music video highlights film

“Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones” will run through July 30th in Navy Pier’s Second Floor Festival Hall, Terrace B.

“Exhibitionism” is a timed-ticket event, meaning you choose your preferred date and time when buying tickets.  There are no late entries.

Tickets range from $32-$35 for adults; $25-$27 for Students/Seniors (65+)/Military; $20-$22 for juniors (ages 6-16); and VIP tickets, $80.  VIP tickets include entry to the Exhibition on two (2) separate days; a VIP Souvenir Ticket and Lanyard; the ability to arrive on any day for any session with no advance booking; and the VIP Fast track entry lane into the exhibit.

Suggested parking is in the East Garage closest to Festival Hall B.  Use Entrance 2 if you are being dropped off at Navy Pier.


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