Tuesday May 23rd 2017

Heartland Spa revisited with notes from Jane Bresloff and Lisa Wolf

heartlandspaIt is now official, The Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort is settled in their new home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. What a glorious setting for a get-away spot. The Bella Vista Suites on Wrigley Drive overlooking the beautiful Lake Geneva itself and only steps from the hectic streets of this famed resort area. This may be what makes the stay so special. If a couple wants to get away, but one of them really doesn’t feel the need to do the planned activities, the other could  and still both could have a marvelous stay, enjoying time together and meals with the group that is there for the day, week or even longer.

Jane and her friend Vicki went up for the two night stay and had a wonderful experience. The staff was prepared to make them happy and to exceed their expectations. The suite was a two bedroom with kitchenette, so one does not feel as if they are in a hotel or a camping trip- they feel that they are in the “lap of luxury”. Each suite has a jacuzzi, the girls enjoyed three delicious meals each day plus some snacks, and while the calorie count was lower than normal (a solid way to lose weight, or at least not gain any), everything was tasty. I even joined them one evening for a fantastic chicken dinner, moist and juicy and very filling- never felt as if I was eating a “diet meal”!Atrium-300x123

The ladies attended fitness classes and had presentations of healthy information: Essential Oils




The early morning walk was put off because of some rough weather, but when Lisa and her husband went up for a day trip, they were able to do the walk and also work out on the deck instead of in the indoor facility (with cushioned floor for ease and comfort). The Heartland is geared towards educating each person on being healthy or getting healthy and all of the classes, from the lectures, to the Yoga and fitness (Lauren Parets is super) and African Dancing as well as other classes and even some individual training are geared to make the guest feel good about the resort, their fellow “travelers” and themselves.group

The rooms/suites are divine with comfortable beds, The views from the suites are delightful and the atrium or courtyard is beautiful. As I said, a couple could come up for a few days or a week-end and share their suite, meals and yet not see each other all day. There is a YMCA just down the street where the facilities can be used by guests at The Heartland. There is a lot to do in Lake Geneva, which is one of the reasons, The Heartland made the move from Gilman Illinois. Lake Geneva is closer, easier to get to and not as “rural” for the people who only want a “day trip”. Lisa and Dan had a beautiful day which she has discussed on her WGN Radio show with co-host Carl Amari. Carl and his daughter also did the “full day experience” and the feedback is POSITIVE. There is a sauna, pool, whirlpool on premise- and don’t forget the massage and facials while you are in the relaxing mode.on the deck

It seems as if The Heartland is the place to go for relaxation, as well as knowledge on how to make yourself healthier. When you arrive, you are made to feel very welcome and once you don your welcome T-shirt and get settled in you leave your troubles in the bag they give you and just enjoy the time you have in this special place. Call 1-262-248-2100 to check on availability for your get-away, or visit www.heartlandspa.com or to e-mail them, heartland@bellavistasuites.com. Come learn how to lead a healthier life and be pampered the way you deserve to be.

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