Tuesday August 22nd 2017

“Once in a Millennium Event heads to Chicago”

Ladies and Gentlemen, and children of ALL ages. This is the line we all hear when the ringmaster takes his place in the Big Top to begin what is known as “The Greatest Show On Earth”. Yes, each year, The Feld Entertainment Group brings us the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and each year we enjoy the thrills that we recall from our youth and pass them on to our children and then our grandchildren. Talk about “bonding” with the younger set! This year, the show is called “DRAGONS” as we celebrate “The Year of  The  Dragon”, featuring circus performers from the far ends of the Earth:

The Shaolin Warriors ( China)  – Kung-Fu Martial arts as never seen before.

Riders of The Wind – Russian Cossack Riders including a five man high pyramid while galloping at full speed

The Globe of Steel- The Torres Family will shatter all records by having 8 ( yes, EIGHT) motorcycle riders in the globe of steel riding at 65 miles per hour.

Big Cats- ( Great Britain)

The Hair Hang Heroines an aerial display where they rely on their hair to hang from 35 feet in the air

The Flying Caceres with their double decker trapeze designed just for “The Greatest Show on Earth”

There are many more acts, dueling motorcycle high wire, Russian Bar Renegades vs Teeterboard Titans and of course animals and clowns ( how can you have a circus without the clowns?).

“Dragons” will play first at Allstate Arena in Rosemont November 1st thru 11th and then pack up and move down to The United Center from November 14th thru 25th.

Tickets are priced for family entertainment with prices starting at just $13 ( other seats are $19 and $25 with VIP selling for $40 and front rows at $50 or $60 depending on week-day or week-end.

To get specific information on “Dragons” you can visit www.Ringling.com

United Center, call 312-455-4500  Allstate  call 847-635-6601

You can also contact Ticketmaster and here is something very special FREE PARKING at both of these venues. Feld Entertainment has gone to great lengths during these hard economic times to give families something special to begin their holiday season.

Here is a great opportunity to experience something special with the kids and have some great memories for many years to come.

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