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Santa’s Village Azoosment Park- 2013

santasvillagelogo1-300x130It is now the second year of the new Santa’s Village in East Dundee, a Chicago Area favorite for the family for many years. Since coming back to life, many youngsters, who were deprived of having an amusement park geared for the tykes. are having the time of their lives. For the adults who bring them there, this park has some very special memories ( of their own youth, in many cases) and it is very affordable family fun. The location has not changed- Route 25 just South of Rote 72 /Higgns Road in beautiful East Dundee. Even the trip from the Northshore only took us 23 minutes using the toll road and once there, free parking, lower gas prices ( for the return trip) and a day of fun for the entire family.

We took our granddaughters, five year old Sarah and three year old Rebecca- they had a blast, with a CAPITAL BLAST!. There are rides for all ages, but the park is truly geared for the younger kids, with the shows, the rides and of course the animals, which is why the name is now aZOOsment Park- there are lots of animals for the kids to feed, pet and learn about. One admission price includes it all- petting zoo, rides and shows. Home of the original Santa’s Tree House Slide, an antique merry-go-round, Kiddieland’s original Midge-o-racers and much much more. There are some rides for the older kids, but I would have to say that the park is geared for the under 10 age group.                                                                                                        sarahsantasvillage

For those of you who remember the original Santa’s Village, you will recall the water slide park that is no longer in place. Some of the signs are visible and since last year, one of the major changes is the opening of additional space in that area- the bumper cars ( a memory from Kiddieland in Melrose Park), the new Fun House and the antique auto with car wash along with a fire truck where the kids help save a burning house/structure ( make sure the kids are in the front row and adults behind them. this is a sure winner with the little ones. There are lots of rides and each year, from what I see, the park will find more amusements for the family to enjoy.

Fake Tatoos and face painting is available and the girls showed their patience waiting forty five minutes for  the magic artwork of the lovely Shakema  who made each one feel special as the art they selected was applied to their faces ( all washable and very safe), Of course, the funnel cake helped the 45 minutes go mighty fast!girls santasvillage

There are many dining spots and our girls experienced their first “funnel cake” treats- they were in heaven. There is even a mini-donut that can be with powdered sugar or cinnamon ( close to the funnel cake and served warm- they melt in your mouth and a dozen are only $4.00. But there are all types of edible treats and a nice BBQ -The Reindeer Ridge Bar and Grill, overlooking Santa’s Reindeer at rest. Having a celebration? Birthday? This is a perfect spot as they have plenty of grove areas where your group can be together and Saturday, we saw quite a few parties where they were all having a solid afternoon of fun.

The park is open through August 18th all days ( except Monday)

From August 23rd-September 2nd Fridays,Saturdays,Sundays and holidays only

From September 7th-October 27th, Saturdays and Sundays plus holidays

Daily hours  10 am-5 p.m./ Saturdays  11 am -7 p.m. ( after Labor day, 6 p.m.)/Sundays and Holidays  11am- 6p.m.

Tickets are $18.75 per person plus tax ( Seniors $15.75) children under 2 FREE

To learn more about parties, specials and coupons, visit www.santasvillagedundee.com

Questions? call  847-426-6751

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