Thursday February 22nd 2018

“Scrumptious Sandwiches Salads and Snacks” a book review

Highly Recommended **** Yes, I am on a diet! That’s what made it difficult to review a book that is filled with simple, healthy recipes for school, work and home- They are so great looking and because Jane and I are on a NO carbs, NO sugar diet plan, we could only read about the great recipes that are in this sterling book by Patricia Greenberg and Gabriella Grunfeld. “Scrumptious Sandwiches Salads and Snacks” (and they are!)

The book was put together  so that we could be more “health-conscious when it comes to the “other” meals. In other words, the lunches that the kids take to school, or the adults to work and the snacks we partake of.

We all WANT to be healthy and of course, eat healthier, but can we always do that? In this book we have recipes that  allow us to use less sugar, salt and refined foods in our diet. They also suggest when preparing a meal at home, we should prepare more than we plan on eating, allowing us some “left-over” which can be used for a lunch the next day. Cuts down on the effort and the thought process of “what to make for lunch”! It is a done deal.

Americans love the Sunday Brunch, but when we attend one of these we tend to over eat, even if we have all the best of intentions. This book says that instead of attending a restaurant for a Sunday Brunch, go to the Farmer’s Market ( most neighborhoods have them every Saturday and/or Sunday) then prepare something light and dine on your porch, or backyard patio, or, even better- it the weather is great walk to the park with the family, and do a picnic. This way you also get some exercise and sunshine- very healthy. Perhaps, when doing this, leave the cell phones and I-pads home, allowing family conversation, something I adore!

What is of the greatest import in this recipe book, is the learning about “NUTRITION FACTS” that are on every page, indicating and teaching us how to understand them. There are many recipes for “breakfast sandwiches” where calories range from 105 to 450. The same is true of lunch sandwiches. The appetizer and side salads go as high as 400 calories and the dinner/main dish salads as high as 520 calories. Many of the salads can be cut or even shared, thus allowing for lesser calories intake per person.

The savory snacks are items of great interest. The Cucumber submarine at only 80 calories and is a sandwich without the bread. The recipe serves 12-

3 medium cucumbers

6 tablespoons guacamole

12 ounces white fish salad

2 teaspoons capers

fresh or dried dill

cut cucumbers lengthwise an in half and then again so that you have 12 pieces. Scrape out the seeds with a spoon and place open on a platter.

Fill with  guacamole, top with the whitefish salad and garnish with capers and dill (you can also substitute tuna fish or smoked salmon for the whitefish salad.

12 servings at 80 calories per

This section is a delight to read as each recipe s something that is sweet and yet, proportioned so the sweetness will not be harmful to your health. From Fruit Smoothies, to the Parfait Patricia (like an ice cream sundae, but with a healthy outcome. In fact, every recipe in this volume is healthy and sounds great. By the way, we tried a few and even our “diet coach” was into several as being items that he will suggest to others on the Ideal Protein program.

Again, the book is called “Scrumptious Sandwiches Salads and Snacks and is published  by The Fitness Gourmet

for more information, visit http://www.scrumptioussandwichessaladsandsnacks.comor

The recipes are all delicious and healthy! Who can ask for anything more?

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