Tuesday October 17th 2017

The Corner Auto Service Station- Is It Only a Memory?


Last month, in one of my early morning breakfast conversations at a local café, several “counter creatures” (these are the guys and gals who are there every day and solve all the world problems, daily!) were saying that they miss having a local guy to fix their cars. Of course, with the change in technology, without a computer, repairing a car is not what it was.

Meanwhile, I was trying to explain to them that there is indeed a “local” highly skilled service team available. The one I am referring to is in the Buffalo Grove/Arlington Heights area at Arlington Heights Ford and is under the name “Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center”.

From a quick lube, wheel alignment, shocks/struts, brakes and a heck of a lot more, these are trained service technicians that can work on any and every auto. Yes, they are located in a section of a Ford Dealer, so of course, they are FORD trained, but Quick Lane (which has shops in many other Ford dealers as well) has service people who will do it all, and here is the best part, with complete honesty.

To explain this, I went in to the local Quick Lane telling them that I was in need of new brakes and tires. My auto has over 60,000 miles, and a tire shop had already advised me that there was NO question about this. My tires were “shot” and my brakes were of no use at all!

Of course, I was nervous about driving at all, went into Arlington Heights Ford’s Quick Lane and advised the service manager of what I needed. He advised me that I could wait in the waiting area (comfy area with beverages available) and the car would be done in two hours.

In a little under an hour Steve Verhagen, the service manager for the dealership and the Quick Lane said that while I did need brakes, my tires were still good for 20,000 miles, so I could wait thru the winter and do in the spring. He also said that they would put my info into the computer so that if the tires I needed went on sale, they could notify me. Tell me that you are getting that at your tire shops?

An hour later, brakes all done, interior of my car clean, I checked out my new brakes (fully waranteed) and drove my car back to work! By the way, I was also given a coupon that entitles me to $10 off my next visit and guess what? They do an oil change for less than the so called “specialists”!

Check out this very cool way to feel you have refound the service station where your car was serviced back in the old days. They also can handle you without an appointment, but you can make one by calling 847-481-0530. They are located in Arlington Heights Ford at 801 West Dundee Road, in Arlington Heights.  www.ahford.com

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