Friday November 24th 2017

“The Grand” IS GRAND

logo-grandAs we age, many of us think about how we can take care of ourselves. There are of course “senior housing centers” and what we grew up calling “old people’s homes”, a term that I for one, dislike. There are new facilities cropping up. They are called MODERN SENIOR LIVING, and today, I paid a visit to a brand new facility located in Palatine that I thought might be of interest to you, my readers. It was to me! In fact, I was very impressed with what the developers have created at what was once the Hotel Indigo, just up the street from Arlington Race Course. Way back, this building was either a Holiday Inn or a Howard Johnson hotel, but over the years went through many changes.

The new facility, located at 920 East Northwest Hwy (route 14) right at Route 53 is truly a hidden treasure. They used the usable parts of what existed, gutting it out and transforming this into a facility that is designed with one purpose in mind- to create a community that can be home to those over 55 years of age. When one enters the lobby, one does not have the feeling that they have entered a facility at all. In fact, it has the feeling as if we are at a resort, just checking in. We can see the dining room, the bar area, and even the breakfast café from the lobby. The area is bright and lively and from what I am told, the chef and staff can create anything that the resident desires (or depending on health, needs).grand-exterior

This is not one of those “buy-in” , endowment apartments, promising to buy it back in the years to come. The Grand at Twin Lakes is a rental with studios and one bedroom units available. There is no security deposit, but they do have a  community fee The living area is more than ample for the renters, because it is the community area where one can truly see the resort splendor that has been created. The rental, by the way, includes breakfast and dinner each day of the week. It also includes all of the utilities (except phone) and weekly maid services. Each unit has a kitchen area, where the residents can prepare lunch and or snacks. The idea of living at The Grand is to be “living” at The Grand.

Lobby-800x425Attending some classes and taking  part in the events is a way of keeping one’s mind and body working to its potential. Enjoying breakfast with other residents of the community is a social activity that makes sense, and watching a movie in their cinema (with popcorn, of course) ,a joy. There are also cooking classes, art classes, aquatic exercise in the indoor swimming pool, workout facilities, a game room for use in the community, or one can invite some other friends and or family to come by for a visit, and even a meal can be offered (a bit of an extra). There are some small dining rooms that are perfect for a family get together as well as game areas where the grandkids can feel they are a part of the resident’s community. After all, who wants to be confined in a one bedroom or studio apartment- those are the sleeping quarters, not the “living” area.Movie-Theatre-800x533

At The Grand at Twin Lakes, residents can enjoy the benefits of being in their own home, with 24 hour security as well as daily checks (to ensure they are safe and sound). Even senior service providers are as close as a phone call away. A great location (very near the highway for friends and family), a new lifestyle with new friends in your new community and a company that desires to feed both your body and soul!

Pool-800x533I enjoyed a brisk tour of the facilities and was able to see a studio unit as well as the one bedroom. There was plenty of space in each, depending on one or two residents. I would say the studio would be for one. The shocker to me, the rental fees are not that far out of line with an apartment in let’s say, Highland Park, that doesn’t include the utilities, maintenance and meals. Yes! When I lived in Highland Park, our rent (albeit a bit larger unit) covered nothing more than rent and was very close. Having the “community” and the meals is a sheer delight making this a place to consider ,providing you are at least 55. I did run into an old friend, Mark, who lives there and loves it!

To learn more, check out, or call Ellen (my tour guide) at 224-338-1880

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