Tuesday May 23rd 2017

To lose or not to lose..and when?

idealIt used to be seasonal. Weight loss…diets! Summer would be coming and women would start thinking short shorts and bikinis, so it would be time to start planning on the “summer diets”. But the seasons have changed and where winter and the Holidays are also a part of the scenery ( you know, the family gatherings, the trips to Mexico and of course, the “snow- birds” who need to look svelte for their ‘winter friends”.

Watch TV and you will see all types of diet programs, some with pills, some with shots and others with prepared meals, delivered for the entire week. I have experienced many of these diets, not because I was seeking to lose weight, but a married man is always at the mercy of his wife going on a diet. They say, “a happy wife is a happy life”, so when the spouse decides the time is right, it is not just for her, but for both.

I am sure that we have every book and diet plan ever written. I know that we have done Seattle Sutton and Weight Watcher and I am sure I have heard Jenny Craig call our names out in the middle of the night. In all the research on diets and plans- what works and for who?, something new has crept into our lives. “Ideal Protein”! A program designed to just “Make Sense”! a weight loss program designed to alter one’s daily food regime and change your metabolic process. administered by a Chiropractic, this program is designed to  change your body’s hunger patterns (along with the mindset that goes with it).

The start of any diet program is the hardest, no matter what type of diet. Your body goes through a shock as it begins to miss some of the foods that you have been eating. There may be headaches during the early days and of course some stomach growling, but this is where “mind over matter” takes over. “If you don’t mind, it won’t matter” and you will have less headaches, less nausea and fatigue if you stick to the principles of the program. The “hunger” will disappear due to production of what is called “ketonic Bodies”. This is part of the protein contained in the snacks of protein that are part of the program.


Now, I know that there are many people out there who are unsure of what a Chiropractic does other than crack bones and realign your sore joints. ell that is far from what they are and do. They are trained to understand the body just as an MD or D.O. is. They are sensational at Physical therapy and many attorney prefer that you work with them over a gym or health club where a trainer might not have the same familiarity with the inner works of our bones. As part of their training, they also learn a great deal about natural health products and vitamins, so it is not surprising that they would be involved in helping one to lose and or maintain weight. after all, part of having a stronger body is eating properly and exercising.

Jane has begun her program, and already she has seen weight loss. There were days when she struggled (as anyone does with any diets), not enjoying all of the foods that can be purchased to work with this program,But, one does not have to buy anything they do not want or enjoy. In fact, many items that are sold in the local grocery store will do the job. I will keep you updates each week on this program and how Jane is doing.

Stay tuned as we make it through Thanksgiving (the biggest eating holiday) into the second week. Meanwhile, feel free to take a look at www.idealprotein.com for more info.

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