Tuesday January 24th 2017

“Where are all the ‘handymen’?”

The world is changing. Quickly! In our high-speed modern world, most people feel that we need things done instantly, and due to this, most everything has become “disposable”. Once something is not as it was, why fix or adjust it? A replacement is far faster. In my day, when things were less technological, we could repair things. Often, ourselves or with a friend. Then, the ‘handyman” came to be. These were skilled men ( I guess there were women up to the task as well, but I never met any of them), who could fix any little item around the house. They were a welcome sign at my house. My dad, who had all the best of intentions could never fix anything. He would start a project and when he became frustrated and went out for dinner, we called in a local ‘handyman’ to finish the job. In fact, over the years, I also learned a great deal about fix-it-up so I could do the smaller jobs. Joe never knew!

As I became older and more into doing theater and dining and grand-parenting, I found myself in need of a ‘handyman’ on occasion and found that there were very few indeed. Oh, yes, there are franchises that claim they do it all, and of course there are “lists” that claim they have every service you need, but often they cost an arm and a leg to get done, and you find yourself on a waiting list.

Recently, we found ourselves in a situation that is not fun. We were moving from one rental property to another. Most landlords ask that the walls be returned to the original condition. This is not as easy as it once was with the wall mounted flat screen TV’s we have come to love! The braces and wiring has to be repaired. We had such a mess at our old place, I assumed that we would lose a large portion of our security deposit. Enter, Claudiu Stoica,  Manager of Superior Construction and Management in Morton Grove. He came highly recommended as a man with superior talent and a great eye for making sure that what he does reflects the personality of the person who hires him. Quality should be a part of his name, as he does everything with the utmost of quality standards. His work ethic is also one that we do not see very often. If he is being delayed, he calls! If he needs to stop and pick up a part, he calls! If he doesn’t call, he is at your door at the designated time and cleans up after himself!

Take a look at what the wires looked like at our new dwelling! In the bedroom, they were all over the place!  wireswires4

In the living room, they were less obvious, but no one likes to see wires hanging from the tv down to the sockets. While the table did hide some of it, as you can see from the finished job photos, the wires are now IN the walls and the electric now runs behind the wall bracket so the wires are no longer in view. All of the work, efficient and neatly was done on a Saturday afternoon, allowing Jane and I to go to Aurora and view “Mamma Mia” at The Paramount and still have company to watch the Bears play on Sunday afternoon, in our new apartment, without wires showing. BRAVO Claudiu.


To contact this artisan, call 312-363-8873. If he doesn’t answer he may be doing a job or driving to another job, so leave a message. He WILL call you back and answer your needs. wires3Superior.Construction@yahoo.com

This is just a sample of the work he did- an amazing technician who will make you happy! And he is very affordable! Big jobs, small jobs! Superior craftsmanship from Superior Construction and Management!

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