Wednesday January 18th 2017

“Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier”

IceRinkIt is hard to believe, but it has been 13 years since they began bringing Winter magic to Navy Pier with their annual Winter Wonderfest. At first, we brought our twin granddaughters, Caitlin and Allison, who are now getting ready to graduate from high school and now, we bring Adam,Sarah and Rebecca ( who are 8,5 and 3 years of age). Over the years, the festival has grown in space and types of rides/activities for the kids and now reaches out to the even younger set, making this a true family outing during the Holiday season. It opened early December and will continue through January 12th, so while the kids are out of school, there is a special activity that will become a memory of a day well spent at Navy Pier.

There are 170,000 square feet of rides and other attractions, as well as places to grab a snack or you and yours can even decorate your own sugar cookie ( they never seem to make it home, so I suggest making an extra for the trip home). There is indoor skating, a carousel, inflatable slides, a Ferris Wheel, the new Hot Cocoa Cups ride, the train ride and one that I remember very well from last year with Adam ( I still am not sure how he talked me into this one) Zero Gravity ( I can guarantee an exciting few minutes on this one).Ferriswheel

There is no actual cost to enter this magical place on the second floor of  Navy Pier, so grand parents or “non” riders can stroll with their families as they go from attraction to attraction. The wristbands which range from $13 are needed to visit the rides/attractions and the deluxe writsband includes skates and skating on the Blackhawks indoor rink. This year, they have a special family pack- four wrist bands and parking is included. Purchase of this is at the box office only. For more details on Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier, visit

Our grandkids are back in town ( tonight) and so , we will have a review of this year’s activities on New Year’s Day. Adam will write the review based on his own and his sisters special day. I can tell you from our past experiences, this si a must do for the holiday break and on New Year’s Eve , they have a special early fireworks for the kids ( they have a big display for the adults to welcome in 2014, but for the kids, what they offer is amazing.SnowmanBouncerLarge

Dollar for dollar/value for value, there is nothing in the Chicago area ( or anywhere else) that rivals what BankofAmerica and navy Pier bring to us each year. For the cost of a 3D movie, a full day of excitement, challenge and family fun that will last as a memory for years to come!



Remember, the website is

Hours: thru January 5th

Sunday-Thursday 10 am-8 p.m. Friday and Saturday til 10 p.m.

Then thru the 12th

Monday-Thursday 10 am -5 p.m.

Friday and Saturday til 10 p.m. and Sundays til 8 p.m.

DECEMBER 31st 10 a.m.-10 p.m. and January 1st 10 am- 10 p.m.

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