Wednesday August 27th 2014

Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier

It is hard to believe, but it is the 10th year of Navy Pier’s fabulous annual event “Winter Wonderfest” and what a fest it is. Over the years, my grand-kids have had a blast visiting this even and we have enjoyed watching them as they experience the warmth of winter inside this enchanted festival. Music, indoor ice skating, shows and some of the neatest inflatable slides as well as carnival rides and crafts. No matter the age of your kids or grand-kids, there is something to entertain the entire family.

This year, they have added even more spectacular attractions.

The Arctic Glacier Run: A simulated snowmobile ride that take the rider through the glacial mountains of the frozen Arctic.

Alpine Dome: Experience the rush of speeding down simulated ski slopes. The wind will whistle past you as you test your skills on a snowboard.

Himalaya: Jump inside this thrill ride as you are swept around in a circular wave motion.

Power wheel: a miniature adventure track that allows you to put the pedal to the metal in a Jeep “Hurricane” or Dodge “Police Cruiser” on a mini track.

And of course all the usual traditional favorites:

Indoor Ice Skating Rink ( you can bring your own or rentals are available)

Ferris Wheel ( a 50 foot indoor Ferris Wheel, allowing you to see the entire 170,000 square feet of Winterfest)

Bah Humbug Court- for those kids who are not having fun

Kringle Carousel

Matterhorn Climb and Slide

Patch’s Lighthouse ( a 16 foot “hopper” ride

Pepsi create a cookie cottage

Reindeer express train ride

and the slides and obstacle courses as well as bouncers, the 40′ glider, video games, climbing wall and for the little ones ( must be under 46″):

Gumball Bouncer-Tinsel Tunnels- Snowball blitz ( a truly fun experience for the little ones)

and all around the fest, jugglers, magicians ad shows for kids of all ages

Entrance to the Winter Wonderfest is FREE, but to ride the rides and participate in the thrills, you will need a wristband

to learn more about the different packages ( individual and family plans) as well as parking specials, visit

So, forget about the weather, get your family all together and head over to Navy Pier where you can have a ball everyday ( thru January 3rd)

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