Monday July 25th 2016

Brooks Sings Barbra (Happy Valentines Day)

Need something special for your Valentine? How about a trip to Arlington Heights and The Metropolis, that marvelous venue that works as well for Cabaret as it does for plays! They have a wonderful show lined up for Valentines Day, February 14th at 7:30 p.m., “Brooks Sings Barbra”. Charlene Brooks , who reminds you of the superstar herself will entertain you with some great “Memories” of “The Way We Were” and a full evening of Barbra Streisand and her music.

The Metropolis is a cozy little spot in downtown Arlington Heights (111 W.Campbell) with plenty of free parking. You can bring your drinks into the theater and if you desire, you can get a stage table to bring you the nightclub feeling. Enjoy an evening with Charlene and see for yourself why many have compared her style and voice to Ms Streisand herself. To order your chance to have a very special evening call 847-577-2121 or visit www.metropolisartscom

Tickets are $30 or Stage tables, $35 each .

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