Sunday December 17th 2017

“Debbie Reynolds” at Drury Lane by Barry Segal

Quick! Name an 80 year “young”  entertainer,Singer,dancer, TV and movie actress, who at the age of 20, in her sixth movie ( and first starring role), helped to create a movie that is on almost every top ten list of all time?

If your answer is Debbie Reynolds in the movie “Singin’ In The Rain”, you are 100% correct!

I have never seen this legend “live” before and had the treat of a lifetime this week at Drury Lane Oakbrook. Growing up, I fell in love with her and today, that love affair was reborn. Ms. Reynolds sings and dances a few steps, does impressions and uses video montages to create a show that is funny, endearing, informative, friendly,lovable and very heartwarming. She has no problem making fun of her age- she can laugh at herself and we can laugh with her, but through it all , we know it is just in fun and she keeps her self respect at all times.

She told us how she got into show business, showing some early video clips, and while doing so would sing along with her famous characters. Songs from “Singin’ In The Rain”, “The Tender Trap”,”The Unsinkable Molly Brown” and many others. She did impressions of Mae West,Bette Davis, Marlena Dietrich as well as Jimmy Stewart ( all dead on). We were shown outtakes of movies and had as much fun as we did in doing so. Wathcing her onstage was a real treat. She is one of the last giants from that era when Hollywood offered long time contracts and performers became part of a studio “family” of actors.

Doing a one woman concert is exhausting work, yet even at 80 her energy level was quite high. Joey Singer, her piano player/back-up singer of 25 years and Albie Berk on the drums added to the overall picture as they did numbers like “I Love a Piano”, “Mares Eat Oats”, “Falling in Love is Wonderful” and of course her #1 hit “Tammy”. While her voice is not what it was back in the day, her energy and gracious attitude far make up the difference. She IS America’s Sweetheart ,yet!

I remember falling in love with her years ago and this love was rekindled at this marvelous show at Drury Lane.  The theater is still intimate enough for every seat to behold her still beautiful and radiant smile. We get to know more about the person and her life story as well as be fully entertained. 60 PLUS years inn the business and unlike other performers, not planning her last concert ever-this is a short run ( ends Tuesday the 18th with a 1:30 show , but she seems to make it back every year, so check this site on a regular basis so you don’t miss another chance. You can also visit

Call 630-530-0111

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