Monday December 11th 2017

Happy New Year with Hollis Resnik

Many Chicago theater attendees are familiar with the work of our “lady of the Musical Theater”, Hollis Resnik and her award winning careerwhich has been a spectacular one. Tonight, New Year’s Eve, 2011/2012, we had an opportunity to see her in the marvelous new “cabaret” at Stage 773 on Belmont. What a marvelous little venue, comfortable and intimate and in fact the perfect setting for Ms Resnik to perform along with the masterful Doug Peck at the keyboards. This little cabaret is a wonderful addition to the theater as it will allow other performers an opportunity to put on a show like the one Ms. Resnik did tonight.

Over 90 minutes of sheer chemistry between Ms Resnik and her audience. I know that many of those who attended this special evening were “friends” and performers who have worked with her in area theaters, and of course, many who have seen her perform on Chicago stages, but even those who have never seen her were witness to the magic that she brings to the music.Her selection of music covered many composers and musicals and of course, she would never do a mini-concert ( after all, isn’t that what Cabaret is?) without doing Sondheim ( and she truly does him proud). Eighteen musical numbers filled this intimate space and each song captured the ear and hearts of the sold out house.

This was a very special New Year’s Eve, and while it was over long before the clock struck twelve, taking us into 2012, it was a special night indeed for those in attendance. Some took off for other parties or social events, some went home, but all had the memory of a wonderful evening of  music to lift the spirits, making the new year one of great promise. Thank you Ms. Resnik and Mr. Peck for this very special evening and thanks to Lampkin Music Group for bringing this marvelous experience to us. I am in hopes that your organization will continue to bring us cabaret shows at Stage 773 on Belmont. Happy New Year!

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  • Mike says:

    I was there also. Great space, and beautiful building. I was a fan of Hollis’ before but this performance showed she is starting to age, and the talent is going. I didn’t see much magic tonight. I actually came to the theater early to get my tickets and go to dinner and caught her having quite a hissy fit in the lobby about the venue and building – seemed pretty ungrateful to be allowed to perform – and wildly unprofessional to behave that way in front of paying audience members.

    So – last time I will see her perform – I can see why they had to give so many tickets away in the end – who wants to pay to see her anymore….

    • Alan Bresloff says:

      One never knows exactly what the “ultimate” performer is bothered by. If you noticed her cupping her ear during the performance, that is due to the sound or the piano not being 100%. This is a new venue and still has “bugs” to work out, so I would not blame Hollis for her being upset. She desires to give her audience perfection ( as does Doug Peck) so I am sure the stress of doing this may have gotten to them.
      As to having to give tickets oiut, I have no idea as to how that worked, but there was not enough publiity an dthe timing of the show may have hurt. A little later of a show with champagne at midnight may have caused more excitement. Over the years Hershey Felder has done New Year’s by doing hs show and then a sing along with the audiences participating. Hollis did have some talented friends in the audience who could have made the night even better.

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