Thursday October 27th 2016


ksraOnce in awhile, and I mean, once in a WHILE, it pays to venture out to one of the secret cabaret spots in the city. One never knows what they might see, or even who, but based on my recent experience, I would say that this can be a fun entertainment experience for any age. Recently, we went to a place called  Spy Bar  located on Franklin just North of Ontario. The actual entrance for the bar is in the alley (only in Chicago) and down some metal stairs. You might feel as if you were in “Pajama Game” and you were entering “Hernando’s Hideaway”, but once in the bar, which in reality is several bars and alcoves with seating, you can relax, enjoy a drink and as it turns out hear some music. What we witnessed was a young lady called KSRA, a singer who has the uniqueness of adding voices to her music so that it appears she is a group, not a singular talent. The sound is unique and one that I found enjoyable.

The show I viewed was also done in LA and Atlanta. The glamorous, and very talented “KSRA” will be releasing an album (I still think this term is used) “EMERGENCY” this year. One of the songs, “Bad Habit” will feature legendary rapper, Talib Kweli, and will be released as a single for Valentine’s Day. It is not always easy to attend a club where the crowd is loud and often takes away from the talent, bust they crowd assembled at The SpyBar showed their respect for this talented lady by listening to her words and music. That says a great deal about her future.

The album will be co-produced by Tha Bizness ( Grammy winners) and producers for Kendrick lamar, Elle Varner, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne ( who I had the pleasure of meeting several years ago when he played at The Sears Centre), Drake and 5o Cent, among others.

To view a video of her performances, visit

The evening at SpyBar was sponsored by Svedka Vodka and the food served by Pi-Hi Cafe.

“KSRA” has just been signed by Tha Bizness and will record on their label Crown Bearers. She is their first artist and as I said earlier, will be releasing her first album early 2015.tumblr_static_211ar76zm7lwkgws00484ko04

To learn more, visit


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