Sunday January 22nd 2017

Tween heaven for my grandkids

Saturday, we went to the “new” Patio movie theater on Irving Park Road and Austin on the northwest side of Chicago. This is one of the oldies but goodies that we used to enjoy in our youth, now going through major remodeling, and re-opened for a special LIVE show, “Tween Stars Live”


Dove Cameron – “Liv & Maddie” – Liv & MaddieTween_Stars_Live_Event_Poster_-_Chicago__Patio_Theater
Calum Worthy – “Dev” – Austin & Ally
Ryan McCartan – “Diggie” – Liv & Maddie
Karan Brar – “Ravi” –Jessie
Piper Curda – “Jasmine” I Didn’t Do It
Noah Munck – “Gibby” – iCarly
Spencer Boldman “Adam” – Lab Rats

From 3 p.m.- 5, these talented youngsters talked with the hundreds of idol worshipers in attendance, sang songs, played games with lots of audience participation and while the parents (and grandparents thought the day went on and on, the kids were in heaven). Our grandkids, Adam, Sarah and Rebecca were in heaven.

After the show, we were all ushered out of the theater in order for the performers to take a break and have the aisles set up with tables so those who had VIP passes (in reality wrist bands that were an extra fee) could re-enter foe autographs and photo ops. Of course, the promoters has stuff for sale to get signed, some very costly, others a bargain. I would have thought for the extra fee they could have provided a poster copy that the actors could sign, but they chose to charge $10 for these.

I guess, being a once in a lifetime experience, most parents and grandparents will spring for the few dollars more. The performers were delightful, posing with the kids in special ways and making them feel that they were just as important as those who were TV stars on Disney and Nickelodeon. I must say that I was quite impressed with these young talented kids, who I am sure will go on to other projects when they get to old to be on Tween shows. They left the theater as we did, heading south to Merriville for Sunday’s performance. I am sure that they will be back again in the future and I will keep you posted.



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