Wednesday August 23rd 2017

“We Three”….anticipation

Hold on to your hats! The trio of ladies that made Marriott Theatre’s production of “Mamma Mia” one of the best , have stayed close and are bringing a special show to Martyrs, located at 3855 N. Lincoln Avenue on Monday, August 7th at 8 p.m.  Is this great or what? These three dynamic talents, Meghan Murphy, Cassie Slater and Danni Smith will sing about the life affirmation that they have formed in this new friendship. Many actors work together in a production and when it closes, may of may not see the other (s) again. In this case, the relationship between these three fantastic women has almost made them “as one”!

On their own:

Meghan Murphy ( a Jeff Nominated actress) also known as “Big Red” recently played to a sold-out Feinstein’s/54 Below in NYC. She has also appeared at Ravinia, Boston Pops, as well as starring in “50 Shades, The Musical”.

Cassie Slater ( a Jeff Award winning actress) has performed as a vocalist all over Chicago and New York and in 2007, she won the NYMF’s “Next Broadway Sensation Competition” which led to her first solo show at Joe’s Pub. Guess what Chicago, she is a welcome addition to our field of dreams.

Danni Smith (winner of 4 Jeff Awards) is a favorite in Chi-Town having starred in “Man Of La Mancha”, “City of Angels”, “Cabaret” and so much more.

The ladies are backed by Charlotte Rivard-Hosker (keys), Dave Senger (guitar), Jed Felder (drums) and Jake Saleh (bass).

I , for one, am anxious to see these ladies re-united (even if only for one night, it is surely worth it) and will of course do a full review. Try not to wait for the review, BUT instead, BE THERE!

Monday, August 7th


3855 N. Lincoln Avenue


$16 advance

$20 at the door-

These three talents have become Chicago’s most inseparable musical theatre beltresses (definition: Belter plus actress= “Beltress”)

This will be a night you will not forget!

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