Thursday December 14th 2017

“We Three” from “Mamma Mia” to lifelong friends

The three amazing talents that were brought together by fate (and Marriott’s casting people)- Cassie Slater, Danni Smith and Meghan Murphy, who were terrific as Donna and friends in the recent “Mamma Mia” at Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre did a one-night special show , “We Three” last night at Martyrs on Lincoln Avenue. To be honest, despite being in and around the neighborhood for years, I had never ventured into this bar until tonight. The venue is one that works well with performers such as these with  decent size stage area and a great sound system. It helps that these three ladies are stage performers who truly know how to project into the house, but I would think that the room helps.

Being a Monday night, with no openings on” tap”, a lot of other theater people were able to attend this special night. Oh, yes! It was special. As the evening began, the three struck a pose and we all thought “here they go! “Mamma Mia” all over again. Not that this would not be loved, but these ladies who spoke of the friendship and mutual love that came from the months of working with each other, side-by-side, brought to this evening, gave us lots of songs from shows and from life.

They, being a trio of talented beauties, brought up the “Andrew Sisters” and even gave us one of their tunes, but from my view, as one who recalls the infamous “sisters”, these three ladies would not have to step aside for them. For sure! They are three of the most talented women in town ( and maybe even more towns) and no matter what type of song they chose, they did it with the style and grace the song deserved and got the audience into it-completely!

Watching them work was a treat. Jane and I arrived early so we could get something to eat (dine would not be the right word at Martyrs, but the empanadas and the Quesedillas were tasty and filling) and get an up-close table. We did and were able to watch them go over some of the numbers with the combo of musicians. Even when they were warming up and going over “stuff” we could see the love between these three women, and as the evening went on, it became even more apparent that what had been a casting of three talented women had become an introduction to a pure friendship that will last forever. I even think, should there come a day when they are competing for the same role, their friendship will remain a sit is today!

The ladies brought us a celebration of their friendship through the music they brought to life, doing songs of the 1990’s (after all, they are children of the ’90’s) and when Big Red did her rendition of “Your’e So Vain” everyone could feel the chill. For over an hour, the trio gave us their friend “schtick” as well as solid musical numbers- together, solos and no matter what they sang, we could see the feeling that each had for the others. They were charming, funny and alive, allowing each of us to peek into their special family unit that came to be from that day when they began to become the ladies of “Mamma Mia”.

That show has been closed for some time now, but the memory of what came from that production will remain with these ladies for years to come, or even, forever! I have a feeling that this fabulous trio will be something to continue to view around town for years to come, so if you hear that a local pub or club is doing a feature show called “We Three” or you hear that a concert night will take place featuring Meghan  Murphy, Danni Smith and Cassie Slater, get your ticket as quickly as possible. Change your appointments around to free up the date, because watching (and listening to) them is a treat that will bring a smile to your face and a special warmth to your heart. Ladies, you are the best!Live show photos courtesy of Carinne Uslar

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