Sunday September 24th 2017

Giordano Jazz Dance present Spring Engagement

Recommended           Dance fans, in particular those who love jazz an expressionism, just witnessed the most amazing show of old and new by Giordano Jazz Dance with many of the popular selections from GJDC’s repertoire:

A Ritual Dynamic ( 2008) choreographed by Jon Lehrer; acrobatic ballet, yet still “jazz”

Commonthread  (2010) choreographed by Autumn Eckman to original music by Myers and Ovnik

Gravity ( 2009) a marvelous piece choreographed by Lindsey Leduc Brenner to Sara Bareilles’ wonderful music

The first portion iof the concert ended with an oldie but goodie, Taal (2001) choreographed by Nan Giordano with music by Anuradha,Sunu A.R. Rahman and S. Jhaia with vocals by Sheetal Bhagat, wonderful, almost “Bollywood” number ( but much slower and more refined)

The second portion of the evening opened with 1999’s “Le Grand Futur is Here! with dramatic choreography by Mia Michaels and music by Amon Tobin in a piece that is very George Orwellian, a wave of the future! And speaking about future, two new world premieres were on the program, “Sanza” ( choreography by Autumn Eckman) and then the number that had the audience ready to stand up and dance themselves- the amazing “Sabroso” with choreography by Del Dominguez assisted by Laura Flores. This piece embraces the styles of almost every Latin dance step- Latin Swing,Mambo, Bolero, Rumba, Cha-Cha and a little Tango as well as a touch of salsa- what a delightful number that I am positive will become a standard to be done by new dancers for years to come.

This was an exciting and spine tingling evening and while they only did two performances, and you cannot run out to buy tickets, I want to make you aware of some of the treasure of Chicago, so you can get on their e-mail address and watch upcoming alerts  of when these new numbers are done again. or for updates.

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