Wednesday March 29th 2017

“Tween Stars Live!” coming to The Patio.

PrintThere is nothing like  LIVE performance! Even if it is not an actual play, but instead a chance for Chicago area fans of Disney and Nickelodeon show stars, to interact in a 90 minute “live” show, it is an experience that will become a memory that will last a lifetime. Imagine, if you will, Dove Cameron (“Liv & Maddie”), Calum Worthy (“Austin & Ally”) Karen Brar (“Ravi”), Spencer Boldman (“lab Rats”, Noah Munck (“iCarly”), Ryan McCartan (“Liv & Maddie”) and Chicago’s own, Piper Curda (Jasmine on “I Didn’t Do It”)., live , on the stage of the newly renovated Patio Theatre located at 6008 West Irving Park Road, in Chicago. One day only!

This is not a show that really is about the characters they play, but instead a chance for young viewers to watch them and interact with them as they do 90 minutes of sketch comedy, Q & A and some musical numbers along with trivia.

I had the opportunity to speak with Piper, who was home for the holidays about the experience. She loves what they have been doing and while it takes her away from home, it is only for short jaunts and allows her to meet, face to face, the young people who are her fans. The ensemble of actors who come from different backgrounds but share the love of entertaining people are having a ball. They are breaking away from their normal day at the studio and having fun with those who are their fans.PiperC-2-158x158

What makes it truly a fun experience is not having a script to follow. Yes, they know what musical numbers they are doing and have a plan, but each audience they meet will have different needs and questions, so it is important for the actors to listen closely to the questions asked. In the Trivia segment, they will ask questions of the audience members brought to the stage and there may be some rewards or penalties for the knowledge (or lack of). What they all will have is a great time and a memory that will mean something to them in the near future and perhaps even in the distant future, when they are parents, or even grandparents.

My grandkids are very familiar with the show that Piper stars in, “I Didn’t Do It” and asked me to ask her about the last episode when she played “The BAD GIRL”. I did! Piper explained that this was a special episode where all of the characters did a complete 180 degree turn, following their “alter-egos” and being the opposite of their actual character. She was NOT the BAD GIRL, but in fact, the GOOD GIRL seeing what it was like being the BAD GIRL- all the cast members had a ball being what they do not get a chance to be otherwise.

The kids are looking forward to attending the show with me and meeting some of their TV favorites. The show will hit Chicago’s Patio Theater on January 24th at 3 p.m.- After the show, there is also an opportunity to attend a VIP autograph and photo session from 5-7 P.M.

Tickets range from $15- $39 at The Patio/ $55 for GOLD Seating ( which is upfront and personal) and $75 for the two hour VIP session. To get your chance to see your TV Favorites, call 248-855-5684

The show leaves Chicago and travels to Merriville Indiana, about an hour suth of the Patio to The Star Plaza

for the performance on Sunday, January 25th at NOON with a 2-4 p.m. VIP session

The prices in Merriville are $15-$35 with Celebrity Circle tickets at $55 and the VIP session again is $75

Parents and grandparents ( adults) do not have to pay to attend the VIP session, just the kids.The phone number in Merriville is 219-769-6311

For more information, visit

Get ready for some fun as you interact with your favorite TV stars from Nickelodeon and Disney Channel-


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