Sunday October 23rd 2016

A Destination “OASIS” where one can revitalize oneself

lfjuiceHighly Recommended**** If you live on the North Shore or find yourself heading up for something, you might want to set your GPS for 950 Western Avenue in Lake Forest. Located in a smaller building about a block north of the “downtown” Lake Forest “shopping area”, you will find , hidden in the back of the courtyard (just past the Jewel) a “juice bar”, called LF Juice. WE can all figure out that this is Lake Forest Juice. To quote a lyric from one of the musicals of fame “South Pacific”, once you have found LF Juice,” Never let her go!”.

I am not what one might call a “juice Bar” kind of guy. I love apple juice and on a Sunday morning, a cold glass of orange juice, often with a little something extra mixed in. But, at a juice bar, there are all types of things mixed in. You can make up what you want, or just try the many drinks they have on their expansive menu. I met the two owners, Laura and Annemarie this morning. Two charming ladies who truly know how to mix a fruit or vegetable into a delicious drink. The mixtures are designed so that their customers can enjoy a cold pressed beverage (or other beverages available) and live healthier.lfgirls

What is “cold pressed”? you may ask ! It is a finely mixed beverage that allows you to take in the nutrients that your body and lifestyle may be lacking. The special juice press ( I watched this in progress), with great pressure, gently and completely extracts the natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and other vital elements into a satisfying beverage. Some of the “green” liquids are not as appetizing to the eye as the red ones, but, when served properly, what they do for one’s body is amazing. One bottle of their fresh juice could be the equivalent of 2-3 pounds of produce, so just having a glass a day, could replace whatever you are eating to deliver your daily minimum requirements. This beverage will fill you and energize you at the same time. WOW!

juicerLaura and Annemarie are committed to offering you the opportunity to be the “best version of you” that you can be. Take a look at their menu where you will see the myriad of fresh (some frozen) fruit and veggies that can be mixed together to make a wonderful drink that tastes great, satisfies your physical needs and all in all, makes you feel good! One of their highly recommended drinks is called the LFGIRLS- Coconut milk, pineapple juice, protein, kale, banana, strawberries and honey. Tasty! You might want to try the JOEY- almond milk, protein, spinach, banana and peanut butter. There are so many selections to choose from, you could go every day and still not cover them all. I had a beet drink that truly aroused my senses and made my afternoon very positive.

The ladies are planning to add more items to their vast menu including some tasty sandwiches. When you purchase a bottled juice to take home, there is a deposit on the jar, but you will find yourself coming back for more, so once you have the first, the $2.00 investment will be one of the healthiest you ever made. The space is small, but during the warmer weather, there is some outside seating available. I would think, as they expand, they will start to seek a larger location and in the future, many more. They call some shakes, some smoothies and some even Super Shakes. They are all pretty close, but it does make their menu seem larger. They also do some “bowls” which is a bit thicker than a shake making it more like a meal.juice1

Again, the location is 950 North Western Avenue in Lake Forest, just North of the Jewel and the hours are posted on the website ENJOY! It is worth the trip and a place you will feel good about returning to!


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