Saturday February 24th 2018

” Peru comes to Lakeview” Machupicchu”

While many diners speak of Hispanic dining experiences, very seldom do we hear about the” Peruvian experience” in dining. Many have never even tried this cuisine. Yes, the Peruvians speak Spanish, and yes, many of their dishes sound like they are the same as found in Mexican or Columbian restaurants, but honestly, after dining at Chicago’s Machupicchu ( named after the famous Peruvian landmark), I have a new “flair for flavor”. As always, when we do a restaurant review, we go as a group. Well, in reality, four of us. Tonight, Alan and Vickie joined Jane and I at this quaint, cozy spot just blocks away from Wrigley Field at 3856 N. Ashland Avenue ( at Byron) in Chicago.

The Alday family were our hosts. They made us feel as if we were visiting their home, not their restaurant. They are what is called a BYOB spot, which means they do not sell alcoholic beverages, but if you bring your own, they will chill, uncork and serve your wine to you. We opted not to bring wine as I had heard they have a beverage that is amazing- Passion Fruit- wow. A rich blending of flavors that are juicy and flavorful. You can get a glass or a pitcher ( might be a great mix with vodka, as well).

For our appetizers, we selected one of the specials, Causa Rellena ( seasoned whipped potatoes filled with chicken salad) a cold dish that is superb., along with anticuchos brochettes ( two beef heart skewers served from the grill) and a chicken tamale, with black olives and nuts wrapped in a banana leaf. We also had one Chicken and one beef Empanada (turnover). There was enough for all of us They also bring warm bread with a special mixture of spices that add a little kick to the meal ( but a gentle kick)

For our entrée’s, we selected Arroz Con Pollo ( chicken, rice and green peas cooked with cilantro),  Lomo Macho Picchu (filet, spicy diced potatoes and steamed veggies) and  the Ceviche Depescado (tilapia marinated in lime juice and Peruvian chilies). Three of these were more than enough as the portions in this restaurant are more than ample. There is a great selection of meals to select from, so going back several times will allow you to keep trying tastes of Peru. Visit

While we were pretty full, we could not resist the desert tray that was brought to our table. They had four, but since we had just been on a diet, we only selected three. The crème Brule/passion fruit was “to die for”, the rice pudding, warm and tasty and the Mazamorra Morada, amazing! This one is from the capital of Peru and is made with purple corn and dried fruits and pineapple. This is almost jelly-like and Alan and I both agreed that this might be great on ice cream, or even on a piece of toast with breakfast as well. Make sure you try it and think how else you would enjoy the flavors of Peru.

As I said earlier, the menu is huge and filled with many types of dishes, including a few children’s items ( for those who will not try new things. I have a few grandkids like that).  Machupicchu Chicago is open seven days a week. The hours are  always NOON opening, but closings are:

Monday-Thursday   9:45 p.m.

Friday and Saturday  10:45 p.m.

Sundays  8:45 p.m.

There is ample parking on Ashland and on Byron- free street parking ( only times that are limited is night games at Wrigley). Reservations are accepted by calling 773-472-0471

Again, the address is 3856 N. Ashland Avenue (at Byron Street, one block south of Irving Park) in Chicago.

Check out the menu-  and enjoy!


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