Monday April 24th 2017

” Best of Bri-Ko” reviewed by Carol Moore

Bri-Ko-lettuceRecommended ***  What can I say about “Bri-Ko”?  “Bri-Ko is hard to describe.  It’s kind of like Blue Man Group meets the Three Stooges with Marcel Marceau and the Marx Brothers dropping in to help out.  The antics of Brian Posen, Tim Soszko, and Brian Peterlin, had me laughing within about 3 minutes, and I kept on laughing right up to the end.  3 Spotlights

Donning white jackets, yellow hard hats and safety goggles, the three goofballs, all talented clowns, were ready to play.  They used sketch comedy, pantomime, dance, physical comedy, and lots of crazy props.  They even included the audience in the fun.Bri-Ko-airpops

A few highlights of the fun:

  • Trying to change a light bulb hanging above the stage, they just weren’t tall enough. They tried different things, but nothing worked. Finally, Posen, the shortest of the three, attached little buckets to his feet. When that didn’t work, Peterlin attached regular sized buckets for his feet. Finally, Soszko attached garbage cans to his feet.
  • Soszko sat quietly writing on a clipboard. Although Peterlin had his own clipboard, he pulled out a comic book. After turning a few pages, he started tearing a page, making a tiny noise which disturbed Soszko.
  • They shot nerf darts at each other and the audience.
  • Carrying a stuffed animal, Posen rolled out a cart along. After soothing the animal, he pulled out a knife and cut it open. He pulled out some of the stuffing which he carefully placed in a jar.
  • They chased each other around the room shooting at each other and the audience with large water guns.
  • While Soszko waited, Posen took the cellophane off a head of lettuce, then squeezed it making a whoosh noise, alternating with Soszko’s tapping noice, squeezing faster and faster until the lettuce exploded.
  • They tossed water balloons into large bins. When they broke, they poured the water into glasses which they gave to audience members.
  • Soszko invited a woman from the audience on a ‘dinner’ date.

Bri-Ko“Bri-Ko” runs through March 23rd in the Box Theater at Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont, Chicago.

Running time is 1 hour, no intermission

Performances are Thursdays at 8:00 pm. ONLY

Tickets are $17.50.  Valet parking is available.  FYI (773) 327-5252 or

Editor’s Note- short run, more of a Cabaret BUT to see what others are saying, visit, go to Review Round-Up and click at “Best Of Bri-Ko”


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