Friday December 15th 2017

“Crystal” Cirque Du Soleil

While Cirque Du Soleil should be classified as “performance Art” as it is in fact, not a play, musical or otherwise, I think most audiences look at these shows as “theater”, so let’s tell you about the new show, “Crystal”, which is Cirque Du Soleil on ice! Yes, the show takes place in an ice rink, located in Hoffman Estate’s Sears Center instead of a tent. I had no problem with that. Tents are not always weather-proof and this building is sounder than the company that it is named for.

The Cirque productions are geared to tell us a story with a mixture of circus acts and music to go along with the performance art. In this one, the story of Crystals self discovery, there are two young ladies handling the role. The actual Crystal (The beautiful figure skater Nobahar Dadui). She is amazing and is also able to do some aerial tricks as well. We sat very near to the action where we could see the looks on her face, and she was truly wonderful. Her “reflection” is played by an American skater- the awesome Madeline Stammen. The reflection is based on the third scene of the first act when Crystal has cracked the ice and has now entered the “dark side”. Is it real? Is it her imagination? Is it all a dream?

As we follow her search for the truth and her inner-self, we see her life thru flashbacks and visions and interspersed with the powerful music and choreography of the skating, we have specialized skating, juggling, clowning, flips and jumps, the silks, the trapeze, the “poles” ( a very special first-time number). The show also features microphones on skates allowing the skaters to make special sounds and to do a bit of “tap-dancing” on “ice. There are so many amazing moments in this two- hour production, but they blend into a story about a young girl “coming-out” so to speak, and learning more about her inner-self and ego, so nothing truly stands out above the others. It is a truly marvelous experience for the entire family.

The biggest problem with this Cirque is that it is only in the area thru the week-end. Not even enough time to get the word out.

The musicians are amazing: Steven Bach as leader and on keyboards (when they skate out the oversized grand, and you watch him play, you will feel as if you are in another world> Lucine Zirekyants is on violin and Camilo Motta handles the reeds.

The pairs skaters are Andy Buchanan, Robin Johnstone, Silja Dos Reis, Stuart Widdall-Gutierrez and  Dimitry Semykin. The other skaters are: Dean Moriarity, Julien Duliere, Kevin Lapierre, Liza Mochizuki, Martin Barrau, Mary Siegel, Zabato Bebe and Shawn Sawyer.

The acrobats are Andrew Price (flyer), Anne-Marie Godin (flyer), Dancia Gagnon-Plamondon (swinging trapeze), Emily McCarthy (Hand-to-trapeze), Emma Stones , Harley McLeish, Isis Clegg-Vinell, Jack Atherton, Jerome Sordillon (straps), Jorge Petit (juggler), Kai Johnson-Peady, Lucas Boutin (flyer), Nathan Price , Valerie Panov (flyer) and Will Farlow (flyer). The clown is played by the very talented Nathan Cooper.

These players are from all the corners of the Earth, and just as their talents blend as one, so do their skills and ability to work together with others. Again, this is very limited with shows as follows:

Friday  7:0 p.m.

Saturday  3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Sunday 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Tickets range from $30 and there are family packs available as well. parking is $20.

To order tickets call the Sears Center at 1-847-649-2222 or visit

To see where this show is headed next, visit

To see what others are saying, visit, go to Review Round-Up and click at “Crystal”


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