Sunday December 17th 2017

“Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” revisited by Adam and David

Highly recommended*****  When it comes to “Children’s Theater”, I try to bring one or more of my grandchildren so I can relate how they saw it in addition to my opinion. I have always felt that my readers can get a better idea as to if this is right for their kids or grandkids ( age appropriate-language etc). When Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire opened their current production of “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, I could not fit it into Adam’s busy schedule ( ah, the life of a 7 year old) and so I took my grand-niece and her friend and added some of what they had to say to my review ( you can still find it on this site in the archives). Adam still wanted to “review” this production and his friend David would come along. I must tell you that these 7 year olds are working on a theater project of their own, so how could I refuse.

Here are the comments they made about the production at the Marriott


Adam- A boy named Joseph is the youngest child. His father treats Joseph very special and to show his love, he buys him a special coat of many colors. The brothers are jealous and sell him to an Egyptian, who sells him to another Egyptian as a slave. Meanwhile at home, Joseph’s dad wonders where Joseph is, so the brothers tell him he is dead.

Joseph starts to look like he is going to take his bosses wife away, so he gets in trouble and is fired and sent to jail. at the jail, he helps some people with the dreams they are having and the Pharaoh who has a bad dream calls Joseph to help. The Pharaoh is played by Jameson Cooper looks like he is pretending to be Justin Bieber, and makes Joseph his number two man.

The brothers hear about a special man in Egypt and go to ask for help. They do not know that this is Joseph, but when they find out, they are happy and Joseph’s dad sees him and gives him a big hug. With lots of great music, singing playing instruments and dancing, this cast is astounding. Alan Schmuckler, Brandon Springman,Jed Feder,Sophie Grimm,Allison Lind,Tiffany Topol and Natalie Myre.

Editors Note- remember, he is 7 and he did this on his own! Yes, he missed a few characters and some of the other actors, but they can all be found in my original review.

David’s Review:

Once there was a family of 11 boys. The youngest was Joseph, His dad thought he was very special and his brothers thought it was unfair, so they sold Joseph to a very rich guy. The rich guy thought that Joseph was going to take his wife away, so he sent Joseph to jail. Then Pharaoh shows up looking like Justin Bieber and lets Joseph out of jail. All the brothers come to meet Joseph and he treated them like slaves ( editor note-they did not know he was Joseph).

With lots of soft music, singing and dancing, I had a great time and so will you!

( again, 7 years old)  Sorry to all who were not mentioned, but again this is just a revisit – by the way, the work around the different set ( Pirates now , instead of Blonde) made no difference- this is an astounding cast of players with great direction/choreography by Matt Raftery

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