Tuesday August 22nd 2017

“Rockin’ Ever After” by Adam Shaw

disney-rockin I will preface this by saying that since the Feld company began their partnership with Disney Productions, kids of all ages have been treated to Ice shows that are far better than what we had in the old “Ice Capades” days. In the old days, there were great skaters and lots of glitz, but for the younger set, they all seemed to be just the  “same old-same old”. Now there is a theme and of course, each Disney On Ice is hosted by Mickey and Minnie ( along with Donald and Goofy, for sure and Daisy sometimes makes the trip as well). As the shows are made up of favorite Disney stories and characters, the kids have the feeling of being in an arena with “friends”, and since the stories they see are familiar, there is no boredom on their part. We went last Saturday and my three grandkids had a ball. Sarah and Rebecca even wore “princess” costumes ( as did hundreds of other little girls) Seeing as this is primarily a show/event for the younger ones, I asked Adam ( almost 8) to do the review , even interviewing his sisters to make it complete.

Below you will find his words ( unedited) as he typed and e-mailed to me.

Our day at Disney On Ice Rockin’ Ever After was the best time ever. There are 4 princesses in the ice show: Ariel,Rapunzel,Merida and Belle.

Princess Ariel was on first. My 5 year old sister’s favorite part was when Ariel grew legs. She thought it was very beautiful. My 3 year old sister’d favorite part was when Ariel saved the prince from drowning. She thought it was amazing! My favorite part was when Ariel was missing and nobody knew she was missing. Everybody else was dancing around in a party. I thought it was funny that they didn’t know Ariel was missing.

Princess Rapunzel was second up. My 5 year old sister’s favorite part was when Eugene ( Flynn) saved Rapunzel. She thought it was very nice of him. My 3 year old sister’s favorite part was when Rapunzel was in the bar with the men singing a song. She thought it was very,very funny. I thought it was very funny too.My favorite part was when Rapunzel escaped from the castle with Eugene(Flynn).I thought it was funny that Rapunzel was so happy.

Princess Merida, from the movie “Brave” was third up. My 5 year old sister’s favorite part was when Merida shot a bow and arrow at a target and the target broke. She thought it was hilarious. My 3 year old sister’s favorite part was when Merida didn’t listen to her mother and got in trouble. She thought it was mean of Merida. My favorite part was when Merida competed in the contest. I liked when she went really far back and made the shot.

Princess Belle was the last one up. It was a good story. My 5 year old sister’s favorite part was when Belle and the Beast danced and the Beast turned into a Prince. She thought it was amazing and cool. My 3 year old sister’s favorite part was when Belle went into the forbidden room and the Beast found her. She thought Belle was going to be in big,big trouble. My favorite part was when Gaston fought the Beast. I thought it was cool.

My whole family LOVED the show! We thought it was the best thing ever. My sisters LOVED all the princesses.They were all great! Me and my family loved it, Best show ever!

Understand that Adam has been attending these shows since he was three, so this is his fifth year and is “not a princess type of guy”, but these capsulized versions of Disney stories with music and great skating are a great way for families to bond, sharing the love that Disney brings to the screen and then through the Feld Company the ice!                                                                                                                          belle2

The audience, filled with kids and grandparents left on a delightful note, having had an enjoyable theatrical experience, one that will be a great memory for years to come. But don’t fear- Disney on Ice will be back again in the fall and another in January. These productions have become traditions in Chicago and I can guarantee, you will never be let down by a Disney on Ice show.

The first portion of the production , now at The Allstate Arena will pack up and head over to the United Center for a second week of run. To get the full details and times visit www.disneyonice.com/rockineverafter and to order tickets, www.ticketmaster.com

There is free parking for this event.

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