Monday January 16th 2017

“The Art Of Falling”

hsd-internal-v9Recommended ***It is often that I treat a “dance” production as “Theater”, but the latest production at The Harris Theater, a joint venture between the fabulous Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Second City, does have a story that will ring true for many who attend “The Art Of Falling”. This is a two hour evening of quality dance and music with four main actors relating stories of “falling”- in love, falling out of favor, falling into patterns and making errors that could be viewed as falling on one’s face. With narration by a favorite Chicago voice, Bill Kurtis and Donna LaPietra, the ensemble of dancers and the Second City troupe members, Tawny Newsome, Rashawn Scott, Joey Bland and Travis Turner we are taken on several little stories- a love story between two men and how it affects their families. We also take a ride on a temp and her first day at work and how she fits in ( or does she?).

While I absolutely loved the choreography of the production and the original music, the lighting at times made it difficult to focus on the brilliant work that was being placed on the stage at The Harris Theater at millennium Park. There is of course some old familiar music as well ( some even from old cartoons) ,but the focus on the presentation is definitely the dance, so the choreographers (and director Billy Bungeroth) should garner the praise.-artof falling


Alejandro Cerrudo

Robyn Mineko Williams

Jonathan Fredrickson

Terence Marling

Lucas Crandall


some unusual themes and movement.


Numbers such as “The White Office Swan” and “Don’t Be Afraid of Love” are mind boggling and stick with us even after we leave the theater and make our way home. We feel good about our experience and energized by the evening. Might I add that this is for young adults ( ages 14 and up suggested) and not for the little ones.artoffalling3

It is a short run- just the week-end so you have to call the theater box office at 312-850-9744 or visit their website, righht away.

The performances are Friday and Saturday night at 8 p.m. and Sunday at  3.

The Harris Theater is located at 205 East Randolph Street ( at Michigan Avenue) and parking discounts are available at The Millennium Garage ( enter East of Michigan Avenue) NOT Grant Park Garage under Michigan Avenue.artoffalling2



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