Wednesday October 18th 2017

“The Complete History Of America(abridged)” review by Jeff Brody

Recommended***The Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in Arlington Heights is featuring a delightful and funny romp through 50,000 years of the land that would become the United States of America and what has happened so far in our history.  “The Complete History of America (Abridged)”is not exactly correct with the names and places but is designed to keep the audience thinking and laughing, and after all, isn’t that what entertainment should do? 


 This telling of American History authored by Adam Long, Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor and directed by David Belew keeps everyone listening for their take on American History.  This was written by David Belew , a St Louis native, in 1993.  Belew explains at the beginning of the play all references for the play need to be updated.


The cast is comprised of three Chicago residents: Michael Woods, Adam Kander and Mat Labotka.  This trio is ready with improvisation’s to keep the show flowing. These are three really funny guys and their chemistry works well together.  If you are late for the show be prepared for a jab or two.  The Show is never done the same way twice claims the director. 

 This show is filled with rapid fire lines from the beginning with the birth of Bob Dole some time before Christ and running thru President Obama.  There are many special guests Lucy Ricardo and President Obama to mention  two.

 The audience gets involved with Great American Women in history when they play “Queen for A Day” and give out prizes.

 World War 1 is highlighted with Super Soaker water guns used in the trenches be careful you might get wet. There is also a visit from the Andrews Brothers for a familiar song.

 Lewis and Clark do a not so risqué vaudeville rendition of their early American adventures.  This is not what you learned in 5th grade. 

 President Obama makes an appearance and answers questions from the audience.  The back and forth between the stage and the president makes for good entertainment.


Every one will have a good time keeping up with this fast moving and innovative story line.  This theatre is a perfect venue for the fast and funny delivery of the three unique actors, and as you can see from the above, this is not your typical history lesson.


The Metropolis Theatre is located at 111 W Campbell “downtown” Arlington Heights with lots of affordable dining and plenty of free parking. 

for Tickets call  847 577 2121, visit the box office or online-



Ticket prices are $39 to $43. and for the performance schedule, visit



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