Saturday May 27th 2017

“Toy Story 3- Disney on Ice”

recommended  Almost anyone who has children knows about the series of animated films by Disney studios- “Toy Story”. There is a “Toy Story”, Toy Story 2″ and the latest, “Toy Story 3” that deals with the maturation of our main character, Andy, who over the years has assembled a great collection of toys ( who we have met and fell in love with over these many years and films). Andy is now heading off to college and it is time for him to leave his toys behind, to be boxed up and placed in the attic for what might be an eternity. All of the toys that we have met in films one and two are to the viewing audience real characters and of course, seeing them, we think back to our own childhood and the favorite toys we amassed. The toys, feeling they are Andy’s friends and playmates are not excited about thier future.

When they are sent to a daycare facility instead of the attic, they find that theses kids have no feeling for them and that they are just toss -aways. They are trapped and now must find a way to get out. They would rather face years in the attic until Andy, perhaps has children of his own and brings them back into his life. Woody, along the way of helping the others escape ,finds a little girl who he feels would allow them to continue to enjoy their freedom and have someone who cares for them as Andy did. I took my grand-kids to their first ever Disney on Ice show and based on their experience, I am sure this is just the beginning of years of enjoyment with these beautiful productions. Sara, who is three sat wide-eyed almost for the entire two hours ( including a 15 minute intermission) and clapped after almost every number. This show is filled with wonderful music to help tell the story and while the skating is not comparable to the old “Ice Capades” or the Olympic skating events we see on TV, theses are marvelous skaters who keep the skating into a story that is easily followed by the kids, if not the adults. The “Barbie” and Ken” meeting and dance/skate is sensational and the special effects are what really got to Adam ( who will be six in a week and is an avid theater for young people attendee). From where we sat, we were able to watch some of the sophisticated electronics that make some of the miracles take place, and let’s fact it, six years olds truly understand this stuff. Adam loved the escape sequence and loved the scene when Bud Lightyear was recharged but now could only speak Spanish. While Sarah loved the entire production, her favorite part was the start of act two when we were re-welcomed back ( after spending gobs of money on “stuff”) by none other than Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse ( her favorite Disney character), Donald Duck and of course, Goofy- her eyes lit up and her smile became larger. They came back for the curtain call as well and she would not leave her seat until every character had left the ice and the house lights came back up ,letting us know that another Disney on Ice would be coming in the Fall- Thank Goodness!

The show, this week played at The Allstate Arena and is now on it’s way to The United Center where it will play until February 13th ( opens on 2/2) for days and times checkout www.disneyonice.comand to purchase tickets visit Ticketmaster outlets or call Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000. February 6th, there will be a performance in Spanish. Tickets range in price from $15 and if you check most newspapers, you will find coupons and discounts available. Make some memories for your family! Do it while you can!

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