Tuesday May 30th 2017

Halloween is almost here

Drive down any street or visit any mall and you are sure to find that one of the vacant stores has come to life for the Halloween season. While these stores keep cropping up, none of them compare to what is located in Portage Park ( the Milwaukee/Irving/Cicero shopping area) While this area is going through transition, one shop keeps getting stronger. Fantasy Costumes a name that is part of Chicago, is no flash in the pan, open for the season shop. It is open all year long to serve not only Halloween needs, but any holiday and of course theatrical productions, Gala events, specialty parties. Fantasy is home to the largest inventory of adults, kids and themed costumes , for rental and for purchase ( as well as Santa suits) makeup and wigs- boy , do they have wigs!

This store is a  full block of merchandise with a full staff of people who know costumes and fantasies. They have millions of items in stock and if you don’t see what you are looking for ( a rare event) they can either get it for you or make it. They call themselves  aone-stop shop costume superstore and they are! They even have another building down the street with back-ups for all the merchandise in this fantastik store located at 4065 N. Milwaukee Avenue. This store has been featured on every major TV show in town as well as newspapers and radio- there is nothing quite like it- it is an experience to visit and just wander the aisles.

Unlike the short term “instant costume” shops, Fantasy Costume HDQ is always here and always replenishing stock and new ideas. They make it easier to find what it is you want, when you want it, and guess what for the last days before Halloween, they NEVER CLOSE! There is nothing like this store and if you want to be the life of the party this year, this is the place to go!Say hello to George for me ( he’s the guy who talks to every customer and tha man who made all this happen) Can’t get out, visit them online  www.fantasycostumes.com

Call  773-777-0222 or 1-800 USA-WIGS

Mention Aroundthetownchicago.com for a 20% discount

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