Monday July 24th 2017

JEFF nominations 2009-2010 season

The nominees for the 42nd annual Jeff Awards are out. For those of you not aware of The Jeff Awards, this is our version of Broadway’s Tony Awards. The nominations are done after the members of the committee attend the shows. Those recommended are then eligible to be nominated for the final awards. The ceremony will take place on Monday, October 25th at The Drury Lane Oakbrook Theater in Oakbrook. Guests and nominees will be able to socialize at a pre-show appetizer buffet from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. and then move into the theater for the festivities. Musical numbers and video segments from the nominated productions will fill in the action as the awards are presented.

This year, there were 111 opening nights ( we are only speaking to the Equity productions, as the non-Equity has their own awards evening) produced by 42 different companies. 88 were Jeff Recommended and from there the nominations took place. To see the entire list, visit and then click on Nominees. The categories that are voted on are:

Production- Play- Large; Production-Play-Midsize

Production-Musical-Large; Production- Revue

Ensemble ( this is an overall award for the entire cast) Those of you who read me on a regular basis know how important I think the ensemble is

New Work Play

Director Play

Director Musical or Revue

Actor in a Principal Role -Play,Actor in a Principal Role -Musical

Actress in a Principal Role-Play;Actress in a Principal Role-Musical

Solo Performance- This is not a stand-up, but rather a play written for one actor/actress to carry the lod.

Actor in a Supporting Role-Play; Actor in a Supportin Role-Musical

Actress in a Supporting Role-lay; Actress in a Supporting Role- Musical

Actor in a Revue;Actress in a Revue

Then we have all the tech niminations and unlike film, these are very important in live theater and of course Choreographers, Directors etc.

What is unusual is the number of multiple nominations some of the theaters have-

Drury Lane  26

Court Theatre  18 to lead the pack

The shows with the most nominations- Ragtime with 11 for a Musical and The Illusion with 7 for a non-musical

If you a true theater buff and want to be in the audience for this special event, tickets are available to the public. To purchase tickets ($75.00 including a reception after the awards ceremony) go online to This is a black-tie optional evening, so if you are into theater or awards ceremonies or just want to mingle with Chicago’s top actors, come on down to Oakbrook on the 25th of October. See you there!

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