Tuesday November 21st 2017

“Mrs. Libra and Zoey Zebra” book review by Rebecca Shaw

Children’s books are fun. I am far from the correct person to do a review, so I find that by allowing my grandkids the pleasure, two things occur. First they get to read a new book ( age appropriate, of course), and secondly, they learn to “sing for their supper” ( an old saying) meaning that nothing is given to them. It is earned by talking about what it is they are involved with. In this case, books. In others amusement places, children’s theater and events. This also makes it better for you, my readers ( or as Sarah would sbeay “our readers”) because if they are going with a young person or the youngster is reading the book, they will have heard from someone in that age group, or far less aged than I am.

About 18 months ago, the girls read books by Ruthie Darling. One was called ” “The Hole Story”  (here is a quote from that review by Sarah with Rebbeca said”:

Children’s stories all have a moral and the words of Ms Darling stay true to this pattern. There are indeed a lot of “holes” in our lives and they are indeed very different in what they are, represent or are used for. This particular study has other motives for the readers. As Rebecca said, your shoes have holes so your feet won’t smell, your clothes have holes so you can put your body parts through them, your bathtub has a hole so the dirty water can go to the sewer and your donut has a hole so you can put your finger through and eat without making a mess. This is from a five year old!

and the other “Miranda the Panda”. Her new book with artwork/illustrations by Adam Devaney is “Mrs. Libra and Zoey Zebra”. The book is about learning to accept who you are for what you are.

Zoey the Zebra wants to change her stripes on her face. She goes into the world to find other stripes to add to hers. Her mother, Mrs. Libra, who is sure this cannot be done, goes with her to protect her and at the same time allow her to feel that she is able to think for herself. While it is a children’s tale, adults can learn from this delightful little book as well.

Here is what my granddaughter had to say:

I think that the book is very cute because the lines were rhyming. It also had a nice message. The message is to be “happy with who you are, no matter what”. I loved the drawings because they showed how Zoey Zebra was feeling.

Rebecca is a first grader in Northbrook, Illinois.

About the author:

Ruthie Darling is  a retired Elementary School teacher who has been inspired by children for many years. Her mission is to empower children ( and adults) through the world of children’s literature!

The book is hard copy, published by ARK Publishers in Palm Desert Ca

For information, visit www.ruthiedarling.com

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