Tuesday January 24th 2017

“Funny Old Broads” reviewed by Jane Bresloff

funny old broadsThe Skokie Theatre has become a one-stop shop for local entertainment since the new management team took the helm. While they have plays, they also are known as a “Cabaret” and many of our local “Cabaret” performers are enjoying taking the stage in this intimate space to bring their style of entertainment to the community. On Thursdays, the show is “Funny Old Broads. This was  brought back to the theater due to heavy demands by the “baby boomers” who heard about the hilarious comedy and song fest in Skokie.

While this show is not an “Old Jews Telling Jokes”, but instead an “older ladies singing songs and telling jokes,” designed for the over 5o crowd. This being the case, I thought this might be perfect for Jane and her Mah Johhng ladies to make into a night “on the town” (if one can use the title of the next Marriott show as a description). The group went and loved every minute of the 90- here are Jane’s words.

For all of you Baby Boomers out there, you can have a delightful evening of songs, laughter and wonderful comedy in Skokie attending “Funny Old Broads”. The show is “just what the doctor ordered”!. The songs ( many are paraphrased words to familiar melodies) as sung by Jan Slavin and Pam Peterson hit all the topics that a “baby Boomer” deals with- memory loss, shrinking size,arthritis, memory loss( did I say that already?), menopause and all the parts of aging that are experienced. The comic “shtick” handled with great skill by Caryn Bark and Robin Riebman are as funny as one could hope for- fast paced humor that they shoot out, one-two-three with split second timing and yet, we never miss a word ( even those of us who are a bit hard of hearing)..

In every way, this is a great escape from the rush of our every day lives. driving here and there! Dropping off the grandkids! Going to the store! The cleaners! Hurry up and wait! We need a little humor in our lives. A diversion where we can laugh at the problems that make us who we are. These “Funny Old Broads” do just that! Problem is, they are only appearing at The Skokie Theatre ( notice the high brow “re”) on Thursdays, through  August 14th, so only a few more opportunities to laugh your A _ _ off. Tickets are only $25 and are available by calling 847-677-7761 or online at www.skokiethetare.com

The theatre is located in downtown Skokie at 7024 Lincoln Avenue ( near Oakton) with FREE Parking If you have not seen the show, you do not want to miss it! If you have seen the show and are over 55, you probably don’t remember it, so go again, it will be a new experience!FunnyOldBroads2

Here is THE group of “Old Broads” after watching “Funny Old Broads” at The Skokie Theatre

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