Friday May 26th 2017

“Texas Steaks arrive in Chicago Area”

Perry's logo The Famed, Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille, the pride of Texas has made its way to the mid-west; to the Greater Chicago Area and has a new home in OakBrook Center. This is probably one of the best locations for a first “store” in the area, but I am sure that in the near future, Perry’s will also be downtown and probably on The North Shore. Perry’s,a family owned operation began as a butcher shop  which is why they are famous for their selection of “butcher-fresh” prime beef. The Oakbrook location, is adjacent to Neiman Marcus and from the time you enter the doors, you will feel the warmth of the staff and the surroundings.Your experience as a guest is of the greatest importance to each and every staff member and it is obvious, they care!

The bar is a friendly one with a smaller private room available for a staff meeting or family celebration. In fact, throughout the restaurant there are rooms that can be sectioned off to be luxury dining with glass walls that overlook the finely appointed restaurant. While Perry’s is “elegant” in every way, there is a casualness that will mae you feel comfortable and “at home”. Not a stuffy steakhouse, but a steakhouse that will give you the best food, a solid value and a reason to come back. They are opening on Veteran’s Day, but we were there tonight for a “sneak” and I was quite impressed; by the service, the culture and the experience. I did not get a chance to taste the whole menu ( that would have been a feat ), but I did have the juiciest crabcakes I have ever had, a taste of a steak and a taste of their wonderful Pork Chops ( a even finger high chop that is cured, dried and roasted, then caramelized and topped with Perry’s signature herb-garlic butter. A masterpiece.PerrysFamousPorkChop

The bar also offers special creations made with ingredients fresh from the kitchen and live music, making your experience a memorable one. I had a martini with an assortment of olives, and saw others having a martini platter with three different types served for taste and enjoyment. This is sort of what the micro breweries do, but with a real drink.

They have a large variety of foods to choose from, many of which are carved at your table so you get to see the presentations as if it was directed by the Chef himself. Their mission is” to provide an experience that is both Rare and Well Done, and they look forward to serving the community”. I have a feeling that this will become a destination dining spot for the western suburbs s well as those who are willing to hop on the toll road- it is worth the trip. Valet parking is available. To learn more, visit Make your reservation and enjoy!

Perry’s is located at 5 Oakbrook Plaza in Oakbrook. Telephone number  630-571-1808

Open for lunch and dinner with a very special Pork Chop luncheon on Fridays. Sounds great to me!

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