Tuesday June 27th 2017

” 10 Ways To Kill Your Husband” reviewed by Jeff Brody

Recommended*** We often forget that theater is entertainment and that entertainments need not be earth shattering, but only enjoyable. There are many theater-goers who enjoy just laughing for a few hours, which is why light comedy survives. Sit-com on TV is fun fare for audiences and farcical and slapstick comedy can be just the right thing for audiences at “live” theater. One of my favorite things about The Metropolis Theatre located in downtown Arlington Heights is that since they are a Centre for Preforming Arts, they offer, Concerts,Cabaret and theater to the intimate stage of this wonderful building. This allows the local audiences to get a variety of entertainment at affordable prices right in the area without the traffic hassles of heading into “the big city”.

The current offering on their stage is “10 Ways To Kill Your Husband” a brand new comedy , in fact its World Premiere, written by Scott Woldman ( Metropolis’ resident playwright). Over the years, many farces have been produced on this stage and Woldman has written something that fits that mold. This is the story of a husband and wife, Steve ( Jack Bidwell) and Cheryl (Robin Hughes), who are in business together. The couple is no longer happy, either in their personal lives of the business and each plots to end it, one way or another!

Steve wants to sell the company, but not let Cheryl in on it and Cheryl has hired a hit-man to eliminate Steve. Sound inane? Of course it does, but if we are going to be entertained by the madness of a three ring circus ( Steve’s office/Cheryl’s office/ and reception area on a set designed by Ian Zywica) as directed by Lauren Rawitz, who is really getting used to the stage at Metropolis allowing more ease of the action on it, This is a smooth pattern of quick moving action that keeps the audience laughing and the actors in shape.

There is lots of humor as bodies keep piling up as the entire staff gets into the madness of the action.There are some outstanding performances, in fact ones that are more memorable than the play itself by Carrie Wei and Michael Woods ( a sales rep and a secretary). I suppose the biggest problem iwth doing this type of production it to makes sure that the timing is just right, and they had it right tonight. This production will continue through April 15th at The Metropolis Performing Arts Centre located at 111 West Campbell Street in the Downtown Area of Arlington Heights with lots of free parking and some marvelous dining spots all around.

The performance schedule is  Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.,Friday at 8 p.m.,Saturdays at 7 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. ( No Performance on Easter Sunday, the 8th)

To order your tickets , you can visit the box office, call 847-577-2121 or visit www.metropolisArts.com

Tickets range from $39-$43

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