Monday January 22nd 2018

“A Cole Porter Songbook”

Cole Porter007_Christopher Logan_  Sierra NaomiHighly Recommended**** The magic in Rogers Park continues at The No Exit Cafe, where TheUbique Cabaret Theatre continues to amaze its audiences. Whether they do a “book” musical ( reduced to fit the intimate space on Glenwood) or opt to create an evening of “Cabaret”, audiences continue to delight in the experience. They are currently saluting the delightful songbook of Cole Porter, who brought musicals to the stage during the late 1920’s into the 1950’s. Hit musicals such as  “Anything Goes” ( Chicago just had a taste of this show), “Can -Can” and “Kiss Me Kate”. Many of Porter’s hit songs were recorded by stars like Ella Fitzgerald, Rosie Clooney and of course, “Old Blue Eyes”/ Frank Sinatra.

This slick two act production  under the direction of Artistic Director Fred Anzevino is a pure delight and the arrangements by Aaron Benham, who also conducts the  talented musicians, Alan Trachtenberg ( Bass) and Anthony Scandora ( Percussion) while he tickles the ivories are solid and highly entertaining. The stage area is quite small so choreographer David Heimann is a bit limited in space, but manages to get some great tap ( “It’s De-lovely” inn the second act is a show stopper as Will and Jill strut their stuff). In fact, one of the highlights of attending production at No Exit is meeting some of the new talent that Fred finds. This production features four very able bodied and highly talented performers:  William Lucas ( who was part of the “Aspects of Love” production- great vocal range, smooth dancer and a darn good waiter), Christopher Logan, more of a dancer than singer ( a sort of mix of Danny Kaye and Donald O’Connor) and two dynamic females, Jill Sesso and newcomer Sierra Naomi, both solid dancers and singers with just the right charm for the intimacy of this delightful venue. We get to look into their faces as they do ours and there are sparks felt throughout the evening.

There are many people who might say, I am not a big fan of Porter, but guess what? You probably are without knowing it! Thinks of these songs: “Too Darn Hot”, “You’re The Top”, “I Get A Kick Out Of You”,”Let’s Do It”, “Don’t Fence Me In “, “Blow Gabriel Blow”, “Ces’t Magnifique” and these are just in the first act!You are in for an evening of wonderful music and many memories, not just the past, but this evening will become a memory for your future. “A Cole Porter Songbook” will continue through July 21st at No Exit Cafe located at 6970 N. Glenwood with performances as follows:

Thursdays 7:30 p.m.

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.Cole Porter008_ Jill Sesso_Sierra  Naomi_Christopher Logan_William Lucas

Sundays at 7 p.m.

Tickets are as low as $29-$59 ( dinner is available and of course drinks are available throughout the show. If you are planning to do dinner, you must pre-order

call 800-595-4849 or visit

Parking can be a bit of a problem, so I always suggest taking the Red Line and getting off at Morse where you are just down the street from the theater

Hey cabaret people- this is your type of show- support it and attend.

To see what others say,visit, go to review round-up and click on A Cole Porter Songbook”Cole Porter012_William Lucas_Jill  Sesso

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