Monday September 25th 2017

“Alice in Wonderland” with additions by Adam Shaw

Alice When it comes to Children’s Theater, Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire does an extraordinary job. Known as one of the best companies for solid regional productions, they “shine” at what the present to our future theater audiences. The productions , on their in-the-round stage with very limited sets ( more often than not, the mainstage sets are used to fit in the kids’ productions) they bring live theater to the 3-9 year olds and get them involved, not just in the play, but in the “talk-back” session after, where the kids get to ask questions and learn about costumes, rehearsals, learning lines and in general, they get an education about what it takes to bring the “magic” to the stage.

This adaptation is one by Marc Robin ( a favorite director and choreographer in our area) who has taken this century plus favorite to a new level. This adaptation of the famous story by Lewis Carroll is geared for the young audience and put into a one hour time frame so they can keep their focus into the story. Directed and choreographed by Matt Raftery, who continues to show us that he is indeed very “young at heart” as he takes each scene to the level of his audience, while at the same time bringing enjoyment to parents and grandparents as well, this is the story of a young girl, Alice ( the adorable Emily Rohm) with a vivid imagination who finds herself in an off kilter world known as “Wonderland”.

In this crazy world she visits, nothing is what it seems, and what she hears is not really what is being said. As the tale grows and Alice gets deeper into this world, led there of course by The White Rabbit ( the incredible and highly energetic Bernie Yvon) she meets a strange array of characters; The Mad Hatter ( deftly handled by Scott Calcagno) and his crew for the wildest of tea parties, Tweedle-Dee and tweedle-Dum, the Chesire Cat, The Caterpillar and of course The Queen of Hears and her Knave. The ensemble members who take on these many roles are Brian Bohr, Lara Filip, Johanna McKenzie Miller, Rob Rahn, Holly Stauder and Sophie Grimm. Many of these names are familiar to regulars at Marriott as they perform in the Main-stage productions.alice5

This is a fun production with some adorable music and is unlike any other version of this story you have seen before. The audience is involved as they are asked questions , Alice wends her way through the seating area to find her way home and four youngsters are brought onstage to serve as Jurors for the “Trial” of who should be beheaded.Again, this is not like the animated version, the movie version or the other live productions that we have seen in Chicago. There is no looking glass, there are no “eat me” or “drink me” candies or cookies or liquids, just one hour of pure magic on the stage in Lincolnshire. As most of you know, my grandkids love the shows at Marriott and Adam, the 8 year old, writes a short age related description.Due to the heavy schedules they have went a week later. Here is what Adam wrote”

        Today I went to go see “Alice in Wonderland” at the Lincolnshire Marriot Theatre. The animals were very, very funny. It was a real mixed up world. Enjoy the show when you see the great comedy and dramatic drama.
        “‘The lazy, old rabbit…” “Hey, call me by my real name!” Fine. “‘The White Rabbit’ was really funny when he kept calling Alice the wrong name.” Is what my 5 year old sister said after the production. She loved to watch all the characters dance and sing all around the stage. At the beginning of the production, Alice fell into a deep, deep hole. Oohs and ahhs came from the audience. Even laughter.
        My 3 year old sister also loved the Musical. This is what she really liked the best. I was just talking to her and she said… “I thought it was very funny when Alice ended up at a tea party, when somebody was finished with a cup of tea they would change chairs to get a new cup of tea.”
        I thought the whole play was very, very funny. But what I enjoyed the most was how the characters acted out this version of the first-made production. It was the best for kids like myself…   and for most people really enjoyable. And I know you’ll have a great time.


This production will continue at Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre located at The Marriott resort, 10 Marriott Drive , in Lincolnshire through May 18th with performances as follows:

Tuesdays through Saturdays at 10 a.m. and a few at 12:30 p.m. To get exact dates and times, visit or call 847-634-0200

There will be NO performances from March 31st-April 11thalice4

Tickets are a mere $15 ( just a little more than a movie ticket and a far better experience for your family)

To reserve your space, call the box office or visit the above website. Plenty of free parking is available and there are some great dining spots on premise and along Milwaukee Avenue.

The theater is located just east of Milwaukee Avenue ( route 21) and South of Half day Road ( Route 22) in beautiful Lincolnshire

to see what others say, visit, go to Review Round-up and click at “Alice in Wonderland”


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