Friday November 24th 2017

” Baby Wants Candy”

highly recommended ( x-rated)  When Friday night rolls along, most of us go home in the rush hour traffic and just want to relax and forget about all the “stuff” we just lived through, but it’s the weekend, so we don’t want to waste a minute and we search for something that will relax us and allow us to laugh, laugh,laugh and still have time to spend with some friends- the answer is here! Right at The Apollo Theater on Lincoln Avenue, every Friday night at 10:30 p.m. ( or thereabouts as the crowd from “Million Dollar Quartet”has to get out and the set struck so that the new band can take the stage along with seven, highly energetic, very funny and talented performers who do an musical as a group known as “Baby Wants Candy”

Let me explain this experience. First of all, you go to the Apollo Theater  located at 2450 N. Lincoln Avenue. It is open seating at a mere $15 per ticket ( this is less than some cover charges). You get your drink ( cash only) and enter the theater, where you will be greeted by some lively music  and then the actors take the stage. Seven young ( did I say young?) talented people who explain that we are about to witness the opening night AND closing night of a brand new musical created by a member of the audience. You got it? Well, they then ask for a potential title and pretty much grab the first one they hear; some ot the previous titles

“My Cat has AIDS, The Musical”

“Cherry Poppins,The Musical”

Meat Loaf is my best friend,The Musical”; and I am sure you get the idea.

Tonight’s title,”Harry Potter’s 12 inch Wand, The Musical”. What I found amazing is that unlike typical improv troupes, they did not huddle off to the side to start- they truly winged it from start to finish and along the 60 minutes, played off each other and the band with very little in the way of mis-steps. There were a few times that one of the improved songs appeared to be over, but one of the actors had evidently come up with a great thought that he needed to share- who cared? Notthis almost full house at The Apollo ( they try to only use the middle seating section, but it allows for a nice crowd and this young group ( I guess I can count myself one of them as I am truly a “kid at heart”) had a ball!

 There is no set, no props, no fancy lighting cues and no director or choreographer! These performers who are creating characters, lines and songs are also figuring out where to be at what time and how to get there. The band is also improv ,so the unity of this cast of players is very important, each relying on the others to make it through a complete story.Yes, they work their way toward an ending that makes sense and is complete. The performers are: Erica Elam,Ross Bryant,Amanda Blake Davis,Brendan Dowling,John Hartman,Nathan Jansen and Nick Semar with the band comprised of Musical Director Jody helton, Kevin Florian (guitar),Chris Ditton(bass) and Douglas Levine (drums)- this is a very fun way to spend the start of your weekend and one of the beautiful parts is that unlike other musical shows, you can come back next week ( with the same or new group of friends) and see a whole new show. Where does one get so much for $15?

Now, make sure you get this, “Caby Wants Candy” is featured EVERY Friday night at 10:30 p.m. at The Apollo Theater on Lincoln Avenue.

For tickets call the box office at 773-935-6100, Ticketmaster at 312-559-121 or visit

For more info on the show, here and in other cities, visit

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