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Not Recommended Over the years, I have enjoyed many of the productions that I have seen from Profiles Theatre and am always amazed at what they are able to accomplish in their tiny storefront theater in Uptown. Part of what the do is bring new works to our stages, most of which deals with the “human condition” and the “resiliency of the human spirit”! Their current production, a Midwest premiere, “Bachelorette” by Leslye Headland is 70 minutes of drinking, drugs,sex and some heavy ( very heavy) hatred between four high school “buddies” on the night before Becky ( Rashik Pollard) is to be married.

Directed by Darrell W. Cox, who is somewhat limited by the script he is working with on a stunning set by Scott Davis, this small theater has been converted into a suite in the Peninsula in New York City. The furnishings and props ( a real tip of the hat to prop master Eileen Rozycki and her staff as they really took on a big one with this show) truly make this tiny little stage area feel as if it could be a suite. The premise of the story is that  Becky’s best friend, her maid of honor,Regan ( Hillary Marren) has been offered the suite for the night as Becky will be with her soon-to-be husband. Although she was asked to not invite anyone over, Regan does. In fact, she invites two old friends who Becky no longer wants to see, ever!.Gena ( deftly handled by Amanda Powell) and Katie ( stunningly played by Linda Augusta Orr) are in fact mis-fits and resent the fact that Becky , their fat friend, who doesn’t compare to them is in fact getting the rich husband and will never worry about money again. The girls decide to drink the champagne, smoke joints and do coke and what happens then is one  hell of a mess, in the suite and in their lives.

Regan, who has some problems with her boyfriend, met two guys in the lobby and after Gena leaves to get Becky’s wedding dress repaired ( it was torn by Katie and Regan trying to both fit into it), they bring these men to the suite for a little partying. Jeff ( Adam Soule) puts the make on Regan and Joe ( a wonderful portrayal of a weak man who is nice and gentle despite the drugs by Eric Burgher) Jeff and Regan end up in bed while Katie gets drunk and stoned and Joe tends to her needs. When Becky shows up, all hell has broken loose and later, during all this craziness, when Gena shows up, we find that the least likely of these women to be a caring soul is just that person.

This is a play filled with smoking, drinking swearing, sexual situations and general mayhem that may appeal to younger theater audiences, but for the average theater-goer, the comic touches were few and far between and there was far to much insanity and hate between these girlhood friends. The characters are not sympathetic at all. In fact, I didn’t’ like anyone except Gena and Joe, and even those were not 100%. I was hoping to like Becky and for awhile as they trashed the place ( and her), I thought I would care, but a sit turns out, her selfishness and the way she treated the others showed that this wedding was a “charade” for the hurt she felt as a teen. Perpahs this is one of those instances where 70 minutes wasn’t enough to truly tell the story. As I said earlier, I love the work that Profiles does and now in its 23rd season, with great success over the years, I guess they are allowed one that is not up their usial standards.

You can see for yourself as “Bacelorette” will continue at Profiles Theatre located at 4147 N. Broadway with performances as follows:

Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m.,Saturdays at 5 and 8 p.m. and Sundays at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $35 and $40 ( $5 off for seniors and students) and can be purchased by calling 773-549-1815 or online at or

There is limited street parking in the area and discounted parking at the corner of Clarendon and BellePlaine ( $10-$12 depending on night) and of course the Broadway 36 bus stops at the door.


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