Friday November 24th 2017

“Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales”

Disney magic! Need I say more? Every year, Disney comes to the area with a live stage show designed just for the younger ones, our future theater audiences and while the show is “canned/recorded” and some of the choreography is “hokey”, they are designed to keep the interest of the kids, who have a ball. I only wish they would only sell souvenirs that are smaller and without flashing lights so that no children ( or adults) are injured during the production. The latest production, “Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales” is here on a short run at The Akoo Theatre ( what used to be The Rosemont Theatre) a very comfortable venue with great sight lines, which of course with little ones is very important.

It is always amazing to see the little ones dressed in costumes, wanting to get into the feeling and mood of the production the are about to witness. Of course, as always, we are greeted by the usual masters of ceremonies, Goofy, Donald, Minnie and of course Mickey. In this production they take us on a short version of three famous tales-“Snow White”, “Cinderella” and “Beauty and The Beast”. Each mini-production is about 20 minute making the two act production about 85 minutes in total ( have to have time to sell the Disney goodies and a “poddy break”), and while the players try to really get the kids involved, this morning was a little quiet despite an almost sold out theater.

As you know, I always try to take a grandchild or go to “rent-a-kid” so that I can give you the viewpoint of someone who this has much more meaning to. Today, it was Sarah, who is just about four, and in fact, will be spending her actual birthday in Florida at Disney World, so she was concerned as to if Mickey and Minnie would get back in time so she could see them there.

As always, the show is tight with colorful costumes and bright and energetic performers taking on the roles of famous Disney characters. Surprisingly, I knew almost every musical piece they did from these three shows. Sarah loved every minute but when the Wicked Witch/Stepmother in “Snow White” had her exchange with the “Mirror” she was a little shaken and as many kids do when the sound gets very loud, they cover their ears to stifle it enough so they can hear better.

During “Beauty and The Beast”, the scene where Gaston and The Beast are fighting, I found it hard to make out the characters with the lightning and flashing lights, buy Sarah reminded me that to see it clearly you need “Disney eyes”. I guess I need to watch more of the Disney Channel. I would suppose the biggest drawback to this production is that it is only here one week-end. Not enough time to get the word out to our population. Oh well, we know that there will be another one next year and in the near future “Disney on Ice” will hit the United Center and Allstate Arena. Meanwhile, you can check out or you might still be able to check out to see if there are tickets for tomorrow ( Sunday)

The Akoo Theatre is located at 5400 N. River Road in Rosemont

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