Wednesday October 18th 2017

“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”

When Andrew Lloyd Webber originally wrote “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in 1968, it was a short kids musical that would help children get a better understanding of a bible story. Later it was expanded to be a full scale, full blown musical ( with Tim Rice) that has become a family favorite for years. This is a musical story that appeals to all ages, all races and all faiths as it teaches audience members about respect for one another and how jealousy can be harmful.

Over the years, many versions have played our area stages and all have been fun to watch.The newest version, designed for “family audiences” at The Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire” is roughly 60 minutes of pure musical magic as staged by Matt Raftery, who knows how to use the stage at Marriott to its best advantage , and handles the choreography as well as direction.

This shorter version of the show leaves no stones unturned as far as story telling ,and the cast, a little smaller in numbers than usual ,is one highly energetic talented group of actors, who not only, sing and dance, but play many instruments as well. In fact, Only Susan Moniz ( a delight to watch and hear) as the Narrator and the very talented Brian Bohr ( Joseph) play only one character- the rest are all over the place in many roles and costumes. FYI-when they are brothers they have a  wristband of the same color.

The story, for those who are not familiar with it is about a father with 11 sons ( in this case, they only use 8 and the sons are played by both genders, but no one cares as they are such a vibrant cast) and his favorite is Joseph. To show his love, he gives his son a special coat of many colors. The others are jealous and sell him to an Egyptian, who sells him to a wealthy man as his slave ( new to the character list, Donald Trump, played by the always reliable Bernie Yvon among other roles he takes on). Joseph gets in trouble and is “fired”, then jailed where he is summoned by the Pharaoh ( another new twist, as this has always been an Elvis impersonation, but guess what we get in this updated version, Jameson Cooper doing Justin Bieber and he is hysterical).

Joseph become sthe number 2 man to the Pharoh and during bad times, his brothers come for assitance, not realizing that the man who can help them is in fact the brother they sold away. All is forgiven and the family is once again re-united. With lot sof great music, singing, playing and dancing, this cast is astounding:Alan Schmuckler,Brandon Springman,Jed Feder, Sophie Grimm,Allison Lind,Tiffany Topol and Natalie Myre are one of the most talented ensembles on any stage in our area.

I had in attendance with me today two young theater-goers, who while not new to attending shows, although they are 7 ( Ellory)and 5 ( Julia), truly enjoyed every minute of the 61 the show takes. Ellory was amazed at the many musical instruments that were played by the actors ( guitars, ukuleles, flutes, saxophones, drums and more), while Julia was impressed with the rolling pillars that were used to form the jail where Joseph sang his big song  “Children of Israel” and talked about the dreams. At the end of the show, what is truly “neat” is that the actors come on stage and talk to the kids, answering questions about how the parts of the show come together, This is an educational experience for the young audience members as well as the old- part of the magic of “live theater”.

This simple production is one that should not be missed. Even if you have seen all the other versions over the years, this is something special. Pay attention and you will even see “Super Mario” represented this moder version of a musical classic. “Joseph” will continue at The Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire located at the resort ( 10 Marriott Drive) through May 12th with performances as follows:

Tuesdays through Saturdays at 10 A.M. and added performances on March 27th,29th and 30th at 12:30 P.M.

Tickets are a mere $15 ( plus tax and handling fees) and can be purchased at the box office, 847-634-0200, at

Have a group of 20, save money as they are only $10-group number 847-634-7030

There is lots of free parking and some places to dine at the resort, with other restaurants in the area, Enjoy!!!!!! 

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