Thursday November 23rd 2017

“Let My People Come”

Recommended*** There is a new troupe  in town! Street Tempo Theatre! Now in its inaugural season, Brian Posen’s new company, Street Tempo Theatre, is going to  shake up the theater scene. Their mission ( if one can call this a mission) is to create raw, intimate and thought provoking mucial theater to Chicago’s sophisticated audiences. Their debut presentation, “Let My People Come” ( should that be spelled differently) is a 75 minute musical revue written by Earl Wilson Jr. and directed by Brian Posen, the artistic director of this new company. The original production in 1994, almost 20 years ago was a ground breaking experience for the New York theater scene, breaking attendance records and in reality became a “cult show’!

This show has a theme, if no storyline- the theme is “human sexuality”. Never mind who with, just do it!. It is suggestive in many ways and  not for all audiences. If you are not into free love, homosexuality and other sexual themes, this show is not for you. The music and lyrics, while catchy and sexual are not ones you will hum on the way out of the theater, but this energetic cast will make you glad you had the experience. Sure, this is not typical fare for your night at the theater, and perhaps this would be a very late night show for those who enjoy staying out late and for some this show might be a real “turn on”, making audience members rush to get home ( someone’s home)!

The cast of 13 performers are as enthusiastic as they can be in this “sexual Chorus Line” show. They tell all and some even bare it all ( yes, the finale has some nudity- full frontal, male and female). With musical numbers such as “I Believe in My Body”, “I’m Gay”, “Whatever Turns You On”, “Take Me Home” and “Dirty Words” sung with great spirit and well choreographed by Matter Dance(Clarisa Barreca, Niki Wilk,Gail Adduci Gogkiotti,Mike Ford and Jessica McVay)using the intimate theater at Stage 773 ( which looks amazing by the way) to full advantage, this is a spitited production that will make you laugh and entertain you.This cast is young, very young, and highly talented. Matthew T. Payne handles the comedy, Jared Grant,Dan Beno, Byrna Brezowska, Nathan Cooper ( a powerful voice), Hannah Corneau, Danae Ervin, Will Hoyer, Kyle Kuhlman, Teressa Lagamba, Jennifer Oakley, Danni Parpan and Elianna Stone are a young and enthusiastic cast. While, I myself would not call it thought provoking, I would say that it does entertain. Not bad for their first effort.

:Let My People Come” will continue atStage 773, located at 1225 West Belmont through December 31st ( I would imagine that for New Year’s Eve, the crowd will be stripping with the players) with performances as follows:

Thursdays,Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.

Tickets are only $28 and are available at the box office, by calling 773-327-5252 or online at

to learn more about this new company and its season, visit

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