Wednesday January 24th 2018

” Odysseo”

cavalia-8880Recommended *** I don’t know what to call it! It’s too vibrant to be a circus! It’s too clever to be a Cirque Soliel show! It certainly is not a “Blue Man Group” ! And, to be honest, it is “not” theater!. It is Cavalia’s ” Odysseo”! Two hours plus (let me tell you about the “plus”/ a half hour intermission- a perfect way to sell food and souvenirs, to be sure) of amazing horses (they are beautiful to watch) and some masterful riders. There is also spectacular gymnastics- the tumblers will “blow you away”! I guess, one might call this a combination, entertainment experience, and leave it at that!

“Odysseo” is in fact a marriage between the equestrian arts, rodeo horseplay, high-tech visuals, circus feats and wonderful music. It is designed to display the magnificence of the “horse” which has been a major player in our history. The horse, one of the smartest animals to ever exist meets man- that is what this show has as a story-line. The meeting of the two worlds- that if the Horse and that of man. Many of us , who grew up knowing characters such as Roy Rogers (and Trigger), Gene Autry (and Champion), The Lone Ranger (Silver) and of course The Cisco Kid ( and Diablo) knew the relationship that these heroes had with their horses- almost “friends”. This opus shows this, but adds in some amazing Cirque acts making this a highly explosive evening of pure entertainment. I guess fireworks is about the only thing missing.7-villagecelebration_danharper_0

The show is larger than life. They have erected a large tent on the South parking lot of Soldier Field. A 17,500 square foot stage including an actual hill -top is created to allow the horses to feel that they are in fact roaming the “old west”. The hill is three stories high and with the video backdrops, there are times the audience feels as if they have been transported to a different time and place. I certainly forgot that I was on South Shore Drive, just down the street from the Museum Campus.

9-theangels_andrewmiller_0The show is very multi-dimensional with a cyclorama that covers 84,000 square feet- it is stupendous! They utilize 18 projectors to give us the illusions that they desire us to see and they all work, quite effectively. We watch horses do things we have been told they do not do. These horses, at times, appear to be “human-like”. The tumblers are amazing  as are the aerialists and watching an actual Merry-Go-Round (some call it a carousel) come down from the ceiling and spin around as gymnasts perform is stunningly beautiful.

The story itself is a dream and during the two acts, and many scenes, we get to go through season changes allowing us to feel the heart and soul of what the creators thought they would bring to the world. A work of art that feeds the soul.

You might ask, “why only recommended”? Why not Highly? I guess my answer would have to be that as special as this entertainment is, it is very costly to produce and therefore a hefty ticket, making it not “family friendly”. I would want a show that is as beautiful to watch as this to be more “family friendly” and affordable.2-theodyssey_andrewmiller_0

Tickets are priced from $34.50 to $144.50 for adults (and most are in the higher range for great visibility). They also offer some senior discounts as well as youth pricing levels. The very special Rendez-Vous VIP packages which are the best odysseo-finale_lynne-glazze_0seats and a meal and desserts (and an open bar) range from $144.50- $269.50  (see where I am headed). Parking is free at least!

The show will be here thru April 23rd- to see exact dates and times visit http://www.cavalia.comwhere you can purchase the tickets, or call 1-866-999-8111

Enter the parking lot off the outer drive at 18th street,


8-odysseo_jakwonderly_0_1To see what others are saying, visit, go to Review Round-Up and click at “Odysseo”

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