Thursday November 23rd 2017

“Sky’s The Limit(Weather Permitting)”

Second City is one of the favorite spots for pure comedy in Chicago. For over 50 years,young performers have been makin people laugh away their personal problems on the main stage andof late on the secondary E>T.C. Theatre in Piper’s Alley.  This smaller venue on the second floor of Piper’s Alley brings us very politial and topical comedy written by the performers and in some cases, helped by audience suggestions ( some of them very off-beat), For most of us, what they offer is a few hours of resptefrom the world around us and the problems that may be a part of our lives. Their new revue ( their 35th) is called “Sky’s The Limit ( Weather Permitting)” and has no real meaning except that these performers, a very talented  group takes us on a trip through the things that we read about on a daily basis. “Tornadoes! Heat! Constant Rain! Power outages! This has been a summer where all of these have had an impact on our lives, but the comics at E.T.C. can make us  laugh at all this as well as “Gay Marriage”, “Raising our children” Saving our marriages”, “Wrigleyville drunkenness” , “White Sox Fans”,  “Gays taking over our wives” and much more.

Directed by  Matt Hovde, this new show written by Tim Baltz, Brendan Jennings and Mary Sohn  ( three of the six member cast) is a delightful romp through life as it is today and takes a stab at “The American Dream” and if it is even possible for any of us to achieve this place in infamy!  Baltz is a great comic who uses his face and body movement to create that special something that makes you laugh. Brendan Jennings is a “stitch” and Mary Sohn is adorable. The other three performers, Aidy Bryant,Jessica Joy and the very funny Michael Lehrer bring a special flair to this comical evening- two hours of almost non-stop laughter.

When I entered the theater tonight, after a terrible Cubs loss today, it only took minutes before I forget about the bad call by the umpire and how hot it was today and that the next few days could be very hot and humid . These six performers made me forget it all and just have a wonderful evening- I laughed at them andwith them as they took shots at politics, the sexual movement, dating services, gay wedlock, addiction to drugs ( and other “stuff” ) as well as what is happening on the streets of Chicago. I forgot it all! I laughed away every trouble I had and even some I didn’t have ( which means I have some “credit” coming). As “they ” say, laughter is good for what ails you and “Sky’s The Limit ( Weather Permitting) will cure you for sure!

The music by Jesse Case is bouncy and relevant. There is really no set to talk about at E.T.C. as for the most part is the actors that make the show. They have some chairs and lighting ( Kyle Anderson) but there is no actual set or even props as in most shows. This is script, music and performers who shine andbring us the sunshine we missed all spring  with their quickly paced revue that will continue  through August 31st at Second City e.t.c. in Piper’s Alley, 1608 N. Wells Street, 2ndFloor with performances as follows:

Tuesdays ( From August 2nd-30th)      8 p.m., Wednesdays, through August 31st ( at least) at 8 p.m., Thursdays,Fridays and Saturdays ta 8 p.m.,Sundays at 7 p.m.

Fridas andSaturdays have second shows at 11 p.m.- these I am sure have some very special added scenes ( based on the bar activity)

Tickets range from $22-$27 which is just a little more than a movie ticket for “Harry Potter” and a lot more fun! Guaranteed!

To order your tickets call 312-337-3992 or visit

Second City is an institution in Chicago. The training ground for some of the world’s best comics. Be a part of history as some of these current cast members could easily be the major comedy stars of tomorrow!

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