Sunday December 17th 2017

“The Doyle & Debbie Show”

All right all you “country Western Music lovers”- there is a show that will give you enjoyment while also making you laugh. “The Doyle & Debbie show”, not onstage in the “cabaret” of The Royal George Theatre is a spoof that truly takes on the Country Western music and the lives of those who make their careers being part of it. This particular story is about Doyle Mayfield ( created by and played by Bruce Arnston), an old timer that had his day back in the 70’s, who is reviving his career, some 30 years later, four wives later and two Debbies’s later as well! His new Debbie is a single mother with three kids who spend their evening in the car while Doyle and Debbie do “thar thing”. the “new” Debbie ( a powerful performance by the lovely Jenny Littleton) has been playing small bars and bowling alleys hoping to be discovered and brought to Nashville to become a start. She has joined with Doyle as a last ditch effort to get there.

This dazzling 90 minutes of parody on the Country Western duos is amazingly funny and the original songs truly sound like they could have been performed somewhere along the way. While they are spoofing the performers of this genre, they do so in a loving way so that even the C & W fans cannot help but enjoy the music and the comedy and I know that everyone will enjoy the “yodel” sequence and how Debbie reacts as Doyle bring out the best in her.

Matt Carlton is their one man band and has a few funny moments himself as these performers take us on a fun-filled journey into a world that many of us never enter. I must tell you though that this has to be at least an “R” rated show as there are plenty of truly adult moments, the Yodel bit being one of them. Since this is in the “cabaret” in the back of the Royal George, there is a bar and drinks are welcome in the theater. In fact, I think a drink should be required as it truly is much more fun with a drink in hand. The set is a small stage area with a tiny “green room” ( also known as backstage) designed by Kevin Depinet and Keith Parham’s lighting works just right. The costumes (Annie Freeman) are splashy Country/Western and truly are what one would expect to see. What is of great importance is that you leave your daily life at the door and enter the “cabaret” prepared to laugh and have fun, because you will. If you enter the room expecting some major musical or revue, be prepared, this is not what you will get! But, if you follow my lead and just go in to have a wonderful experience, one that will make you forget any strife or stress of the work day, you will be relaxed within five minutes and for the next 85, will have an evening that you will remember.

This production has been one that runs for short runs but has developed a following. Knowing how savy our Chicago audiences are , the producers are running this as “open” as they are sure that once you see the show abd tell your friends, they will come and you might just come along to see it again and share the experience.

Performances are as follows:

Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 p.m.,Fridays at 8 p.m.,Saturdays at 5 and 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 and 5 p.m. ( I am not so sure that early Sunday performances will do as well as later ones might- after all, this is Chicago, not Tennessee!)

Tickets range from $43.50-$49.50 and college students ( possibly some mature high-schoolers as well) can purchase tickets for $20 ( with student ID, in person)

You can purchase your tickets at the Royal George box office located at 1641 N. Halsted Street, by phone at 312-988-9000, through or

Be prepared to have some fun!

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